World News Roundup: Ozon sees no significant risk to operations after warehouse fire; African monkeypox cases not concentrated in gay men, experts say and more

Here is a summary of current world news.

Ozon sees no significant risk to operations after warehouse fire

Russian e-commerce company Ozon said on Thursday it was still assessing the economic damage caused by a huge fire at its warehouse near Moscow, but there were no significant risks to its liquidity and operational activities. At least one person was killed and 13 injured in the fire, the RIA news agency said on Wednesday, citing an emergency services source.

Monkeypox cases in Africa not concentrated in gay men, experts say

Monkeypox outbreaks in Africa are not concentrated among gay men, unlike other parts of the world, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Africa CDC said Thursday. Outbreaks of the viral disease have been reported in 78 countries, mostly in Europe, and 98% of cases outside of countries in Africa where it is endemic have been reported in men who have sex with men, according to the WHO.

Saudis open airspace to more flights serving Israel

Cathay Pacific and Air Seychelles flew over Saudi Arabia for Israeli flights for the first time, aviation data showed Thursday after Riyadh announced last month it would open its airspace to all airlines, paving the way for more overflights to and from Israel. Opening Saudi airspace to flights to and from Israel was the focus of US President Joe Biden’s tour of those countries, which have no official ties, last month. Riyadh agreed in principle. Israel said implementation could take weeks or longer.

Gaza faces further power cuts as Israeli blockade enters third day

Gaza’s only power plant will have to shut down within 48 hours if the blockade imposed by Israel is not lifted, officials warned on Thursday, as border tensions escalated after the arrest of a Palestinian militant leader. Israeli authorities have closed all crossings into Gaza, cutting off access to fuel tanks supplying the plant, amid fears of retaliatory attacks following the arrest on Monday of Bassam Al-Saadi, a senior leader of the group of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Taliban say they were unaware of al-Qaeda leader in Kabul, US warns

The Taliban said on Thursday the government had no information on al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri ‘entering and living’ in the capital Kabul and warned the US never to repeat an attack on the ground Afghan. The US killed Zawahiri with a missile fired from a drone as he stood on a balcony of his Kabul hideout on Sunday, US officials said, in the biggest blow to militants since the US Navy SEALS shot Osama bin Laden over a decade ago. .

China fires missiles near Taiwan in drills after Pelosi visit

China fired several missiles near Taiwan on Thursday during its largest-ever military exercises in the Taiwan Strait, a day after US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the self-governing island. The drills began at noon and included live-fire waters north, south and east of Taiwan, which Beijing claims as its own. They have brought volatility in the region to its worst in a quarter century.

Analysis-Beyond Yachts and Planes: US Turns to Foreign Agent Laws to Curb Russian Influence

In the five months since the US Department of Justice launched a task force to seize the assets of Russian oligarchs to pressure Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine, prosecutors have also targeted something less tangible: Russian influence. Prosecutors in this period accused five Russians of acting on behalf of the Kremlin without registering as foreign agents, as the Justice Ministry broadly tightens enforcement of foreign agent registration law (FARA) and a related statute known by its code number, 951.

Pelosi pledges support for North Korea’s denuclearization, plans to visit Korean border

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and her South Korean counterpart pledged Thursday to support efforts to maintain strong deterrence against North Korea and achieve its denuclearization. A joint statement was released after Pelosi met with South Korea’s National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo in Seoul, in which they expressed concern over the evolving nuclear and missile threats from the North.

Ukraine under pressure in the east as NATO chief says Russia must not win

Ukraine said on Thursday it had repelled several Russian assaults on a strategic stronghold in the east of the country, and the head of the NATO military alliance said Moscow must not be allowed to win the war . Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called this week “hell” the pressure exerted on his armed forces in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine. He spoke of fierce fighting around the town of Avdiivka and the fortified village of Pisky, where Kyiv acknowledged the “partial success” of its Russian enemy in recent days.

Japan protests after Chinese missiles land in its exclusive economic zone

Five ballistic missiles fired by China appear to have landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said on Thursday, as part of military exercises China launched earlier in the day. The exercises, the largest ever conducted by China in the Taiwan Strait, began as scheduled at noon and included live fire in waters north, south and east of Taiwan, raising tensions in the region. at their highest level in a quarter of a century.

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