Woolworths customer uses recall and rewards programs to get free products

A woman has revealed how she got stacks of toilet cleaner, hair products and toothpaste ‘for free’ through a little-known hack.

The woman took to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page to reveal how she rated Woolworths’ product range – and she didn’t pay a dime.

“All FREE! So I only buy half price items and always up my purchases when they show up on my app,” the woman revealed.

“Within a month, I got $50 rewards and found the best value to get all the half price items I wanted.

“So they were all half price and ended up free.”

The Woolworths Boosters program is part of the Everyday Rewards program.

All customers have to do is download the app, subscribe to boosters and just click boost to earn more points.

After that, customers order the products online or go to a store to buy the products, while scanning their Everyday Rewards card.

Many customers have shared similar experiences with rewards card systems.

One customer said: “The Woolies have really upped their game with their rewards. I love boosters and I boost just to make sure I don’t miss anything and pick up something I haven’t boosted.

Another added: “I also got $205 off a store, picked the items I needed on Special and used the extra 10% rewards. I once bought whole Steggles chickens for $4 a kilo and ended up paying $3.60 a kilo. I just brought two or more home and cut and skinned myself.

“So it comes down to $3.60 a kilo for fillets, chicken thighs, chicken breasts. I just portion them out and freeze them in portions.

One said he found the items he needed weren’t always available in the program, but it was good when they were.

“Not Woolies but I love Coles,” said another shopper.

“Used the [FlyBuys] points several times to steal. One from North Queensland to Perth and back, plus a trip to Brisbane, fuel on many occasions and also groceries.

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