Ways to save fuel when driving as costs rise

Motorists are once again being hit in the pocket as fuel prices rise.

The average UK petrol price had topped 148p per liter for the first time, eclipsing the previous high of 147.72p which was set in November 2021.

The cost of diesel is also on the rise, hitting a high of 151.57p. Although some gas stations offer good prices, many of us are looking for ways to save a few pennies as the cost of household bills also increases.

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The RAC has urged supermarkets to cut costs for their customers, referring to the “frightening” prospect of rising costs, BirminghamLive reports.

Simon Williams, the RAC’s fuel spokesman, said: “With the price of oil now at a level not seen in over seven years and a worsening cost of living crisis, we are on the razor’s edge when it comes to prices at the pump.

“At first glance, the prospect of $100 a barrel of oil is frightening, but from a driver’s perspective, it will only be bad news if the big retailers decide to take bigger margins.

“At this time, we see no justification for a big jump in prices on the forecourt, so we urge retailers to continue taking normal margins on every liter they sell.”

Here are six simple ways to save fuel, according to the RAC.

1. Be gentle with the throttle and use high gear

The RAC says smooth acceleration is “very important” for fuel-efficient driving.

He says the “biggest secret” to achieving high miles per gallon is to drive at the highest speed possible for your vehicle while staying within the speed limit.

The guide explains: “The best advice in urban areas is to shift as quickly as possible with the lowest revs possible, probably around 2000rpm. Remember: the faster an engine runs, the more fuel it consumes.

2. Dress well and avoid turning on the heating

It’s a trick you’ll probably hear in an article about heating your home, but the same goes for the car.

The use of heating and air conditioning consumes engine power and therefore fuel consumption.

The RAC suggests dressing warm or dressing for the weather if you really want to cut down on your gas mileage.

3. Empty your safe

The more weight you carry in your car, the more fuel you consume.

Therefore, if your trunk is full, you could save money by unloading.

It’s a simple but effective trick. You can probably leave old McDonald’s bags in your footwell, they won’t weigh much!

4. Remove your roof rack or trunk

According to statistics from the Energy Saving Trust, an empty roof rack will add 16% of drag to your car when driving at 120 km/h.

A roof box will add 39%. Both make your vehicle much less fuel efficient.

Therefore, take the time to throw them away if you don’t need them.

5. Keep your car well maintained

Regular maintenance and servicing will improve your car’s efficiency, according to the RAC.

One of the simplest maintenance tasks you can undertake is making sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure.

Under-inflated and over-inflated tires can affect your fuel economy, so check your owner’s manual to make sure yours is correct.

This will change depending on the load you are carrying, so if the whole family is on a long drive with loads of luggage, it will require a different pressure than driving around town in an empty car.

6. Keep moving

Slowing down and having to speed up again uses more fuel, so drive smoothly and keep the car at the right speed if you can.

The RAC says: “When you’re slowing down, it’s important to stay in gear because a fuel-injected engine’s fuel cut-off switch is then activated, which means no fuel is used during braking. .

“Try to anticipate what’s going to happen in front of you by looking straight ahead. That way you’ll see the traffic lights in red, which means you can ease off the throttle or slow down naturally and potentially keep moving forward at the same time. instead of coming to a stop.

“Driving uphill destroys fuel economy. When you see a hill, try to accelerate a little before you reach it, then slow down going uphill. The extra momentum should be enough to minimize the extra fuel consumption.”

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