Ukrainian pensioner uses grenades to attack up to 10 Russian armored vehicles | World | New

The 72-year-old Afghanistan war veteran described the moment he saw a large column of Russian troops approaching him in his hometown of Bucha in northern Ukraine. Valentyn Didkovskiy explained how he started to prepare his ranks and his launcher, then talked about when he started hitting the column of Russian armored vehicles. Mr Didkovskiy went on to explain how he caused maximum damage when he hit a tanker truck, which subsequently caused a major fire.

Mr. Didkovskiy said Free Radio Europe“I saw a large column approaching Bucha Station.

“I prepared my grenade launcher and four grenades, I ran towards the door but it was not a good position.

“The column was only 30 meters away, I walked behind the house, there was a trailer parked near the fence and I climbed it quietly.

“The first armored personnel carrier passed, then an infantry vehicle, another personnel carrier and a tank.

“Suddenly I spotted a tanker and thought maybe that would stop some of them.

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Mr Didkovskiy added: “I fired my grenade launcher when I hit the tanker, a huge fire broke out.

“You can see even the pole is burned, and all the trees that are now down were burning.

“The Russian orcs couldn’t move because the fuel had spilled. I threw a grenade there, another here, and a third there.

“I still had one in my hand with a finger on the pin, just in case.

“There was an armored personnel carrier with its engine running, the orcs were coming out of it, I saw them take off their uniforms and change into civilian clothes.

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Western-aligned NATO countries have provided arms and trained Ukrainian civilians and militants.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby spoke about equipping Ukraine with high-end weapons, but more specifically howitzers.

Mr Kirby said: “Artillery is a specific item that the Ukrainians have requested because of the specific fighting they expect to have in Donbass.

“And we know that the Russians also believe the same thing because we also see them moving artillery units into Donbass.”