Sources: If Ukraine uses a ‘dirty bomb’, the West will suffer the consequences

Al Mayadeen’s correspondent in Russia confirms that Moscow has warned the West of the consequences if Ukraine uses the “dirty bomb”.

  • The threat of the “dirty bomb” is obvious.

Al Mayadeen The correspondent citing sources familiar with the matter said on Monday that “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the fate of his regime were the subjects of recent Russian-Western contacts”.

“Moscow has warned the West that it will bear the consequences of kyiv using a dirty bomb,” the sources said.

The future of “Ukraine and its borders will be determined when Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Indonesia,” the sources added.

Earlier today, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media that Ukraine’s provocations over the use of the “dirty bomb” are clear, adding that “this information has been brought to the attention counterparts of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu”.

Commenting on the idea that some countries do not believe these threats are real, he said: “Their distrust of the information shared by the Russian side does not mean that the threat that such a ‘dirty bomb’ could be used ceases to exist. . The threat is obvious,” Peskov said.

“It’s up to them to believe or not to believe,” Peskov added.

According to credible sources quoted by the Russian news agency on Sunday Sputnikkyiv is preparing to use the “dirty bomb” in Ukraine to accuse Russia of using nuclear weapons.

According to the sources, kyiv plans to carry out provocations on its own turf using the so-called “dirty bomb” or a low-power nuclear weapon, with the aim of accusing Moscow of using weapons of mass destruction, which would lead to a smear campaign against Moscow.

With the Western command, the sources said, Kyiv has started practical application, the final stage, as a refinery in Dnepropetrovsk and the Kyiv Nuclear Research Institute work on assembling the weapon.

“According to the information we have, two Ukrainian organizations have specific instructions for creating the so-called ‘dirty bomb.’ and biology of the Russian Armed Forces.

Officials working for Ukrainian President Zelensky’s office are conducting confidential calls with British officials regarding the possibility of transferring nuclear weapons equipment to Kyiv authorities, the sources added.

Provocateurs believe that if the attack is carried out according to plan, most countries will react aggressively and Moscow will lose the support of its main allies. In addition, the West will again attempt to revoke Russia’s membership in the United Nations Security Council and intensify its rhetoric against it.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Sunday raised concerns with his French, Turkish and British counterparts that kyiv, according to credible sources in various countries, including Ukraine, was planning a provocation involving the explosion of a dirty bomb on its own territory in order to blame Moscow for the use of weapons of mass destruction and thus tarnish the image of the country.

The foreign ministers of France, the United Kingdom and the United States, in a joint statement, rejected the allegations on Monday. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also denied the charges.

It should be noted that Ukraine has a stockpile of radioactive materials that could be used for its “dirty bomb”, including storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, according to the official.