Ramsey Hails Fiscal Benefits of Gray Region | The recorder

Gray MP Rowan Ramsey is pleased with the 2022 budget and said it is an incredible achievement of the Australian economy for the people.

On the fuel excise duty cut, Mr Ramsey said we should expect to see lower prices next week as it took effect from budget night.

“Just looking at MotorMouth, prices have dropped dramatically in Adelaide,” Mr Ramsey said.

Mr Ramsey said the additional $86million pledge for upgrading major roads in his constituency will go to the Eyre and Stuart highways.

“There has already been a significant amount of money spent on a study of duplicating the section between Crystal Brook and Port Pirie, which is something that is most close to my heart,” he said.

Regarding continuing education positions for rural medical students, Mr Ramsey said he would push for some to be placed in the electorate.

Ramsey said the decision to allow all regional MRI departments to access Medicare payments was a huge breakthrough.

“I fought hard to try to get additional licenses in the country and saw private investment in machinery deterred by the lack of a license,” he said.

“I expect this will lead to more Gray machines providing easier and cheaper access to our people.”

He said the budget should help small businesses and particularly welcomed an announcement regarding apprentices.

“We want more and more, yes, please,” he said.

“We put more money in the bowl to make it more attractive for more employees to hire more apprentices.

“I think it’s a very good scheme.

Mr Ramsey referenced the paid parenting scheme, saying the extra two weeks for either partner will be important and he is happy to be associated with it.

“There’s a lot going on and I think the underlying thing is the incredible economic results that underpin the budget,” he said.

“This is a good budget, reflecting excellent management of the economy, the economic benefits of unemployment below 4%, while also recognizing the rising cost of living that people are facing. “