Praxis Oratoria Containing 1 Five Orations by Way of a Comical Play (Both Latin and English) Viz Upon Diligence Mechanick-Arts Learning Latine-Tongue and Maternal-Indulgence
New and Accurate Maps of the Counties of England and Wales Drawn from the Latest Surveys by J Gibson
Letters Being the Whole of the Correspondence Between the Hon John Jay Esquire and Mr Lewis Littlepage a Young Man Whom Mr Jay When in Spain Patronized and Took Into His Family
Appendix to the New-Jerusalem Magazine or a Treasury of Celestial Spiritual and Natural Knowledge By Several Members of the London Universal Society for Promotion of the New Church
Meditations and Letters of a Pious Youth Lately Deceasd to Which Are Prefixd Reflections on His Death and Character by a Friend in the Country
Brabantia Illustrata Sive Castella Pritoria Nobilium Brabantii Coenobiique Celebriora Ad Vivum Delineata of 2 Volume 2
Ph dri Augusti C saris Liberti Fabularum sopiarum Libri Quinque Interpretatione Notis Illustravit Petrus Danet in Usum Serenissimi Delphini Adjicitur Fabularum Appendix Nuperrim Ex Ms Veteri Descriptarum Marquardo Gudio
Genius Genuine by Samuel Chifney of Newmarket a Fine Part in Riding a Race
Plain Directions in Regard to the Small-Pox by Browne Langrish the Second Edition to Which Is Added a Letter to a Young Surgeon
Letters to Married Women on Nursing and the Management of Children by the Late Hugh Smith MD Second American Edition
The Everlasting Espousals Being a Sermon Preachd at the Administration of the Sacrament of the Lords Supper August 1714 by the Late Reverend Mr Thomas Boston the Fourth Edition Corrected
Military Discipline the Newest Way and Method of Exercising Horse Foot with Some Account of Field Officers and a Description of the Arms of Horse and Foot
The Principles of Sin and Holiness And the Conflict Between These in the Hearts of Believers Two Sermons Preached by Robert Smith AM Minister of the Gospel at Pequea [four Lines from Galatians] Published by Request
Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States Part I
The Art of Preserving Health A Poem in Four Books by John Armstrong MD
Explanation and Use of the Rotadiarium Invented and Calculated by John Hopper of the City of Durham
A Novel in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 2
Love in a Village a Comic Opera Written by Mr Bickerstaff as Performed at the New Theatre in Philadelphia
Count Roderics Castle Or Gothic Times a Tale in Two Volumes Vol I[-II] [three Lines from Shakespeare] of 2 Volume 1
The Grounds and Rules of Musick Explained Or an Introduction to the Art of Singing by Note Fitted to the Meanest Capacities by Thomas Walter MA Recommended by Several Ministers [one Line from Psalms]
The Porcupiniad A Hudibrastic Poem in Four Cantos Addressed to William Cobbett by Mathew Carey Canto I[-III] [six Lines of Quotations]
Four Sermons by the Reverend Mr Laurence Charters Never Before Published
Martyrs in Flames Or the History of Popery Displaying the Horrid Persecutions and Cruelties Exercised Upon Protestants by the Papists for Many Hundred Years Past to This Time with Several Pictures by R B
The Stamford Toasts Or Panegyrical Characters of the Fair-Ones Inhabiting the Good Town of Stamford in Lincolnshire with Some Other Poetical Amusements by Mr Pope
Considerations Touching the Likeliest Means to Remove Hirelings Out of the Church Wherein Is Also Discoursed of Tithes Church-Fees Church-Revenues And Whether Any Maintenance of Ministers Can Be Settled by Law by John Milton
A Tragedy as Performed with Universal Applause by the Amerian Company Written by Arthur Murray Esq
Dedicated to the Most Noble Marquis of Buckingham Maxims and Morals for Our Conduct Through Life by Lieutenant Philip Furley Second Edition
Royal Recollections on a Tour to Cheltenham Gloucester Worcester and Places Adjacent in the Year 1788 the Eleventh Edition
LAvant-Coureur Du Changement Du Monde Entier Par lAisance La Bonne iducation Ou Prospectus dUn Mimoire Patriotique Sur Les Causes de la Grande Misire Qui Existe Par-Tout Par M Collignon
Manlius With Notes and References
The Maid of the Oaks A New Dramatic Entertainment as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane [six Lines from the Prologue]
Letters Chiefly Written for Comforting Those Bereaved of Children or Friends Collected from Books and Mss by John Erskine DD
Al Mesra Or Mahommeds Famous Night-Journey to Jerusalem Upon the Ass Elborak Translated from the Original Arabic by Mr Wild
A Letter to the Rev Mr Caleb Evans Occasioned by His Curious Confession of Faith at His Late Ordination Among the Independent Baptists in Bristol In Which His Marvellous Creed Is Considered by E Harwood
Comparative Theology Or the True and Solid Grounds of Pure and Peaceable Theology Proposed in a University-Discourse and Now Translated from the Printed Latin Copy with Some Few Enlargements by the Author
Select Portions of the Psalms and a Collection of Hymns with Their Proper Tunes and an Index to Find a Psalm or Hymn Suited to Particular Subjects or Occasions for the Use of Churches and of Private Christians
A Treatise Concerning Providence By Way of Dialogue by Sir Humphry Mackworth the Second Edition
Report of the Commission of Arts to the First Consul Bonaparte on the Antiquities of Upper Egypt Translated from the French of Citizen Ripaud
The Trial of Thomas Muir Younger of Huntershill Before the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh On Friday the 30th of August 1793 On a Charge of Sedition the Second Edition
Merope a Tragedy by Aaron Hill Adapted for Theatrical Representation as Perfomed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane Regulated from the Prompt-Book by Permission of the Manager
Letters Written Between Yorick and Eliza the Second Edition
Maxims and Discourses Moral and Divine Taken from the Works of Arch-Bishop Tillotson and Methodizd and Connected
Fugitive and Original Poems by W Woty
Lisez Et Riflichissez Les Pilerins Alligorie Traduite de lAnglois En Franiois Par M Clemence
Fables Choisies a lUsage de Ceux Qui Aprennent Le Franiois Par L Chambaud
Lettres M D**** Par M Fabre Pour Servir de Suppl ment Son Trait Des Maladies V n riennes
To the Gentlemen Scandalizd in the Dunciad and Essay on the Profound
The Idolatry of Greece and Rome Distinguished from That of Other Heathen Nations In a Letter to the Reverend Hugh Farmer by John Fell
Phidri Aug Liberti Fabularum Libri V Juxta Exemplar a Petro Burmanno Editum 1727 Or the Fables of Phidrus with a Literal English Translation for the Use of Boys to Which Are Added Critical and Explanatory Notes
Clavis Prophetica Or a Key to the Prophecies of Mons Marion and the Other Camisars with Some Reflections on the Characters of These New Envoys and of Mons F- Their Chief Secretary
Phedon Or a Dialogue of the Immortality of the Soul from Plato
Remarkable Ruins and Romantic Prospects of North Britain with Ancient Monuments and Singular Subjects of Natural History by the Revd Charles Cordiner the Engravings by Peter Mazell of 2 Volume 2
Winter-Evenings Entertainments In Two Parts Containing I Ten Pleasant and Delightful Relations II Fifty Ingenious Riddles by R B the Third Edition
New Sentimental Journey Translated Into English by F C A Berg
A Letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt on His Apostacy from the Cause of Parliamentary Reform to Which Is Subjoined an Appendix the Second Edition
The Particular and Inventory of Robert Chester Esq March 23 1720 Together with the Abstract of the Same
Wonderful Impressions of Taiwan 2019 Colourful images of beautiful Taiwan
A Supplement to the Antiquities of St Peters or the Abbey-Church of Westminster
A Third Letter to the People of England on Liberty Taxes and the Application of Public Money the Fourth Edition
The History and Description of the Famous Cathedral of St Pauls London of 2 Volume 2
The Dunciad an Heroic Poem in Three Books Written by Mr Pope
A Letter to a Freeholder on the Late Reduction of the Land Tax to One Shilling in the Pound by a Member of the House of Commons
A Collection of Poems and Translations in English and Latin by Thomas Hull
The Particular and Inventory of Sir John Blunt Bart One of the Late Directors of the South-Sea Company Together with the Abstract of the Same
A True History of Several Honourable Families of the Right Honourable Name of Scot in the Shires of Roxburgh and Selkirk and Others Adjacent by Captain Walter Scot
A Serious Defence of Some Late Measures of the Administration Particularly with Regard to the Introduction and Establishment of Foreign Troops
A Voyage in the Flying-Eagle from Bantam to Baber and Other Islands to the Eastward of Timor 1672 Now First Published from the Original MSS at the East-India House
The Smugglers a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatres in London by Mr Odell to Which Is Added the Art of Dancing a Poem
A Warm Reply to Mr Burkes Letter by A MacLeod
A Letter to the Hon Thomas Erskine Containing Some Strictures on His View of the Causes and Consequences of the Present War with France by John Gifford Esq Eleventh Edition
The Builders Price-Book Containing a Correct List of the Prices Allowed by the Most Eminent Surveyors in London to the Several Artificers Concerned in Building Collected by an Experienced Surveyor
The Captive of Spilburg in Two Acts as Performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane Altered from the Favourite French Drama Called Le Souterrain with a Preface by the Translator the Music by Dussek
A Defence of the Pamphlet Ascribed to John Reeves Esq and Entitled Thoughts on the English Government by the Rev J Brand AM Addressed to the Members of the Loyal Associations Against Republicans and Levellers
A Peep Behind the Curtain Or the New Rehearsal as It Is Now Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane the Third Edition
A Letter to the Right Honourable W P Esq By an Englishman
The Life of Madam de Beaumount a French Lady Who Lived in a Cave in Wales Also Her Lords Adventures in Muscovy by Mrs Aubin
A Method of Charity-Schools Recommended for Giving Both a Religious Education and a Way of Livelihood to the Poor Children in Ireland by Edward Nicholson
The Disguisd Prince Or the Beautiful Parisian a True History Translated from the French the Second Edition
Hamlet Prince of Denmark a Tragedy Written by Mr William Shakespear
Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Typho Quam Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Carolus Minor
Registrum Regale Or the Genealogy of Sovereign Princes to Which Is Added the Present State of the Several Common-Wealths in Europe
Fishing and Hunting the Art and Cunning of Hunting the Hart Stag Hare the Management of a Horse the Method of Hawking of Cock-Fighting to Play on Bowling Greens Tennis c the Art of Fishing
Memoirs of the Life of the Late Reverend Increase Mather DD Who Died August 23 1723 with a Preface by the Reverend Edmund Calamy DD
Parliamentary Representation Being a Political and Critical Review of All the Counties Cities and Boroughs of the Kingdom of Ireland with Regard to the State of Their Representation by Falkland
The Doctrine of Ultimators Containing a New Acquisition to Mathematical Literature Naturally Resulting from the Consideration of an Equation as Reducible from Its Variable to Its Ultimate State by John Kirkby
Some Memoirs of the Life of John Roberts Written by His Son Daniel Roberts a New Edition
Rivolution de lAmirique Par M lAbbi Raynal
sopi Phrygis Fabul Jam Recenter Ex Collatione Optimorum Exemplarium Emendati s Excus Un Cum Nonnullis Variorum Autorum Fabulis Adjectis Et Indice Correctiori Pr fixo
Common Sense Addressed to the Inhabitants of America on the Following Interesting Subjects a New Edition with Several Additions in the Body of the Work [the Third Edition Corrected]
Poems By Miss Seward to Which Are Added Letters Addressed to Her by Major Andr in the Year 1769 the Fifth Edition
Letter to Her R--L H-S the P-S D-W-G-R of W- On the Approaching Peace with a Few Words Concerning the Right Honourable the Earl of B- and the General Talk of the World the Third Edition
Carys Actual Survey of the Country Fifteen Miles Round London on a Scale of One Inch to a Mile Preceded by a General Map of the Whole to Which Is Added an Index of All the Names Contained in the Plates
Mansons Catalogue for 1788 of Several Parcels of Books Lately Purchased Many in Elegant Bindings Also a Collection of Prints Which Are Now Selling for Ready Money by P J Manson Bookseller
Ireland Preservd Or the Siege of London-Derry Being the Second Part of the Battle of Aughrim Written by a Gentleman Who Was in the Town During the Whole Siege
All for Love Or the World Well Lost a Tragedy Written in Imitation of Shakespears Stile by Mr Dryden
A View of the Town Or Memoirs of London in Which Is Contained a Diverting Account of the Humours Follies Vices and What Not of That Famous Metropolis the Second Edition
Extraordinary Adventures Revolutions Events Enlivened with Pictures for Their Better Illustration by Robert Burton the Fourth Edition
Cato a Tragedy by Mr Addison
Observations on the Right Hon Edmund Burkes Pamphlet on the Subject of the French Revolution by Benjamin Bousfield Esq
Giulio Cesare in Egitto Drama Da Rappresentarsi Nel Regio Teatro Di Hay-Market the Third Edition
Wonderful Prophecies Being a Dissertation on the Existence Nature and Extent of the Prophetic Powers in the Human Mind the Third Edition Corrected and Considerably Enlarged
Union Or a Treatise of the Consanguinity and Affinity Between Christ and His Church by James Relly [three Lines from I Corinthians]
Short and Plain Principles of Linear Perspective Particularly Adapted to Shipping c by A C
Julius Cisar a Tragedy by Mr William Shakespear Revised by Mr Pope
Saint Andrews Or a Sentimental Evening Walk Near the Ruins of That Ancient City A Poem in Three Parts by John Copland Written in Autumn 1775
Merope a Tragedy Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Aaron Hill Esq
Memoirs of Secret Service by Matthew Smith to Which Is Added by Way of Appendix the D of S-s Letter to the House of Lords With Remarks Thereupon
Lucio Vero Imperatore Di Roma Opera Da Rappresentarsi Nel Reggio Teatro dHay-Market
The Gardeners New Kalendar Divided According to the Twelve Months of the Year Containing the Practice of Gardening Adapted to the Climate of Ireland to Which Are Added Directions for Managing Auriculas by an Eminent Gardener
Free Observations on the Scurvy Gout Diet and Remedy by Francis Spilsbury the Sixth Edition
Welch Piety Or a Farther Account of the Circulating Welch Charity Schools from Michaelmas 1758 to Michaelmas 1759 to Which Are Annexed Testimonials Relating to the Masters and Scholars of the Said Schools
Primitive Christianity Revived by William Penn Also Select Essays on Religious Subjects from the Writings of Isaac Penington
Observations on Time Sacred and Prophane Being Chronographical Disquisitions on the Julian and Gregorian Styles to Which Are Annexed Tables Engraven on Copper Plates by N B Philomath
Memoirs of Field Marshal Keith Containing the Most Remarkable Occurrences of the Wars Wherein He Was Engaged
The Maid of the Mill A Comic Opera as Performed at the Theatres of London and Dublin the Music Compiled and the Words Written by the Author of Love in a Village
Institutio Gr c Grammatices Compendiaria in Usum Regi Schol Westmonasteriensis
An Alphabetical List of the Commission Officers of His Majestys Fleet With the Dates of Their First Commissions
Arithmetic Made Familiar and Easy to Young Gentlemen and Ladies Being the Second Volume of the Circle of the Sciences the Third Edition
Considerations Humbly Submitted to the House of Lords on the Two East-India Bills Brought Into Parliament by Mr Fox Mr Pitt
Considirations Sur lOuverture de lEscaut Par M Linguet
Reflections on Death by William Dodd LLD Prebendary of Brecon and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty [two Lines from Hebrews] the Sixth Edition
Philosophical Essays on the Following Subjects I on the Principles of Mechanics II on the Ascent of Vapours III Observations and Conjectures on the Nature of the Aurora Borealis by Hugh Hamilton
Bibliotheca Annua Or the Annual Catalogue for the Year 1701 Being an Exact Catalogue of All English and Latin Books Printed in England from March 25 1701 to March 25 1702 Numb 3
State of the Mutual Processes Margaret Gordon Relict of the Deceased John Duff Late Provost of Elgin and William Lord Braco Now Earl of Fife and the Magistrates of Elgin and Others
Reasons for an Amendment of the Statute of 28 Henry VIIICII [section] 3 Which Gives to the Successor in Ecclesiastical Benefices All the Profits from the Day of the Vacancy In a Letter to a Friend from a Country Clergyman
Letters to the People of Great Britain Respecting the Present State of Their Public Affairs
Four Topographical Letters Written in July 1755 Upon a Journey Thro Bedfordshire Northamptonshire Leicestershire Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Warwickshire c from a Gentleman of London to His Brother and Sister in Town
The Unhappy Lovers Or the History of James Welston Gent Together with His Voyages and Travels to Which Is Added Several Curious Pieces
Sir Harry Wildair Being the Sequel of the Trip to the Jubilee a Comedy by George Farquhar Esq as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane Regulated from the Prompt-Book
Mariamne a Tragedy Acted at the Theatre Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields Written by Mr Fenton
A Treatise on the Errors and Defects of Medical Education In Which Are Contained Observations on the Means of Correcting Them
The Mercenary Lover Or the Unfortunate Heiresses Being a True Secret History of a City Amour by the Author of Reflections on the Various Effects of Love the Third Edition to Which Is Added the Padlock
Seventy Four Select Cases with the Manner of Cure and the Preparation of the Remedies in the Following Diseases I the Schirrus Cancer and Ulcers of the Breast and Womb II Scrophulous Swellings by William Rowley MD
Robin Hood Or Sherwood Forest A Comic Opera as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden by Leonard Mac Nally Esq
The Present Constitution and the Protestant Succession Vindicated In Answer to a Late Book Entituled the Hereditary Right of the Crown of England Asserted c
Observations on a Late State of the Nation the Second Edition
Poems on Various Subjects In Which Is a Most Beautiful and Novel Description of His Majestys Review of the Kentish Volunteers August the First 1799
Or the Wanton Wife a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Mr Betterton the Fourth Edition
Philaster Or Love Lyes a Bleeding Written by Mr Francis Beaumont and Mr John Fletcher
Letters on Political Liberty Addressed to a Member of the English House of Commons on His Being Chosen Into the Committee of an Associating County
Observations on the Diseased and Contracted Urinary Bladder and Frequent Painful Micturition to Which Are Added Observations on the Schirro-Contracted Rectum by John Sherwen MD
Or the Haunted-House a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants the Fourth Edition with a Preface by Sir Richard Steele Occasioned by Mr Tickells Preface to Mr Addisons Works
The English Constitution Fully Stated With Some Animadversions on Mr Higdens Mistakes about It in a Letter to a Friend
Political Letters Written in March and April MDCCLXXXIV
Fanny Or the Happy Repentance from the French of M dArnaud
The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom by the Author of Roderick Random of 4 Volume 4
The Way to Get Married A Comedy in Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden by Thomas Morton
An Authentick Narration of All the Occurrences in a Voyage to Greenland in the Year 1772 in the Volunteer of Whitby Mr W Coulson Master
The Complete Art of Boxing According to the Modern Method to Which Is Added the General History of Boxing by an Amateur of Eminence
A Plain Argument to Shew from the Theory and Practice of the Laws of England That There Is Really No Law at All for Security of Properties by a Clergyman of the Church of England
The Merry Wives of Windsor a Comedy by Mr W Shakespeare Collated with the Oldest Copies and Corrected With Notes Explanatory and Critical by Mr Theobald
The Clandestine Marriage a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by George Colman and David Garrick
A Sermon on the Glorious Kingdom of Christ Upon Earth or the Millennium Preached at Christ-Church Dublin on the Second Sunday in Advent 1747 by Robert Hort the Second Edition with Large Additions
An Essay Towards a Farther Improvement of Short-Hand by Philip Gibbs
The Careless Husband a Comedy Written by C Cibber
An Answer to the Brief Remarks of William Berriman DD on Mr Chandlers Introduction to the History of the Inquisition by Samuel Chandler
A Sermon Preached at Pinners-Hall on Occasion of the Death of the Late Learned and Reverend Jeremiah Hunt DD Who Departed This Life Sept 5 1744 with Brief Memoirs of His Life and Character by Nathaniel Lardner
An Economical and New Method of Cookery Describing Upwards of Eighty Cheap Wholesome and Nourishing Dishes by Eliza Melroe
A Full and Circumstantial Account of the Trial of the Rev Doctor Dodd at the Sessions House in the Old Bailey on Saturday the 22d of February 1777 Before the Hon Baron Perryn for Forging a Bond
The Archbishop of Tuams Observations on Dr Narys Rejoinder Offered to the Serious Consideration of All Who Are of the Roman Communion
A Sermon Preachd at Taunton in the County of Somerset on the 23d of May 1711 Being Wednesday in Whitsun-Week Before the Anniversary Assembly of Ministers There by Joseph Standen
The Man in the Moon Or Travels Into the Lunar Regions by the Man of the People of 2 Volume 1
The Biter a Comedy Written by N Rowe Esq the Third Edition
The Rights of God by Thomas Scott
A New Essay by the Pennsylvanian Farmer on the Constitutional Power of Great-Britian Over the Colonies in America With the Resolves of the Committee for the Province of Pennsylvania
The Trial of Thomas Muir Younger of Huntershill Before the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh on the 30th and 31st Day of August 1793 for Sedition a New Edition Corrected
Paysages fantastiques 2019 Des paysages comme vous nen avez jamais vus
An Essay on Ridicule
An Answer to Dr Priestleys Letters to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke in a Letter to the Author by a Layman of the Established Church
Hymns Sacred to the Lords-Table Collected and Methodizd by Charles Owen
Supplications of Saints a Book of Prayers and Praises in Four Parts the 39th Edition Corrected and Inlarged by Tho Sorocold
Letters Addressed to the Philosophers and Politicians of France on the Subject of Religion to Which Is Prefixed Observations Relating to the Causes of the General Prevalence of Infidelity
Presbyterio-Catholicon Or a Refutation of the Modern Catholic Doctrines Propagated by Several Societies of Catholic Presbyterians and Presbyterian Catholics in a Letter to the Real Roman Catholics of Ireland
Francis Quarles Emblems and Hieroglyphics of the Life of Mam [sic] Modernized
Two Letters to a Friend the First Concerning the End and Design of Prayer c to Which Is Added a Dissertation of Maximus Tyriuss the Second the Doctrine of Predestination Reviewd the Second Edition Corrected and Enlarged
Einige Predigten Von Heinrich Otto Schrader
The Principles of a Methodist Farther Explaind Occasioned by the Reverend Mr Churchs Second Letter to Mr Wesley In a Second Letter to That Gentleman by John Wesley
Modern Infidelity Considered with Respect to Its Influence on Society In a Sermon Preached at the Baptist Meeting Cambridge by Robert Hall AM the Third Edition
Or Some Helps to the Religion of Children from Seven to Twelve Years of Age Collected Out of the Larger Books of Prayers and Catechisms by I Watts DD
Directions to Church-Wardens for the Faithful Discharge of Their Office the Third Edition with Large Additions by Humphrey Prideaux
The Lay-Mans Afternoon Devotion On All Sundays and Holydays Throughout the Year to Which Is Added Short Prayers at Benediction With Litanies and Night Prayers Usually Said in Catholic Families
Poems by Mr Joseph Holden Pott
Facts Relating to the Reverend Dr Whites Bampton Lectures by R B Gabriel the Second Edition
Speech of the Right Hon Henry Dundas Delivered in the House of Commons on the Farther Consideration of the Report of the Committee Upon the Bill for the Abolition of the Slave-Trade
Officium Eucharisticum a Preparatory Service to a Devout and Worthy Reception of the Lords Supper the Thirtieth Edition to Which Is Added a Meditation for Every Day in the Week
Ern Sal Cypriani Dissertatio de Propagatione Hiresium Per Cantilenas Accedit Cunr Theodorici Oratio de Mixta Hireticorum Prudentia
Y Psaltar Neu Psalmau Dafydd Yn Cymraeg Gydar Catechism AG Amryw Weddiau
Some Thoughts on the Conduct of the Understanding in the Search of Truth by John Locke Esq
[the] Oeconomy of Human Life In Two Parts Translated from an Indian Manuscript Written by an Ancient Bramin To Which Is Prefixed an Account of the Discovery of the Said Manuscript
Mr Robert Calders Vindication of His Sermon Preachd January 30 1703
Y Salmau Wedi Eu Cyfieithu Au Cyfansoddi AR Fesur Cerdd Yn Gymraeg
The True Englishmans Miscellany in Two Parts Part I the False Guardians Outwitted A Ballad Opera Part II Containing a Collection of Dismal Songs by W G
Les Soupirs Du Cloitre Par M Guymond de la Touche
A Tale Supposed to Be Written by Himself to Which Is Added The Deserted Village A Poem by Dr Goldsmith of 2 Volume 2
de Analogia Contractionum Linguae Graecae Regulae Generales in Usum Tironum Juniorum Classis Graecae in Academia Glasguensi
Verses on the Death of Dr Swift DSPD Occasioned by Reading a Maxim in Rochefoulcault Written by Himself November 1731 the Third Edition
Directions and Instigations to the Duty of Prayer How and Why the Heart Is to Be Kept with Diligence Being the Sum and Substance of Nine Sermons by Mr Andrew Gray
The Babel of Quakerism Thrown Down Or the Errors and Inconsistencies of Robert Barclays Apology for the Quakers Discoverd and Confuted in a Letter to Dr Routh by a Lover of the Truth
Decerpta Ex P Ovidii Nasonis Metamorphoseon Libris Notis Anglicis Illustrata A Gulielmo Willymotto Editio Nova Multarum Fabularum Additione Cum Notis Itidem Anglicis Ad Exemplum D Willymotti Locupleta in Usum Scholarum
Or a Collection of Prayers Out of the Liturgy of the Church of England with a Particular Office for the Sacrament the Tenth Edition
Poems Upon Several Occasions by the Reverend Mr John Pomfret the Tenth Edition Corrected with Some Account of His Life and Writings to Which Are Added His Remains
Family-Devotion Or an Exhortation to Morning and Evening Prayer in Families With Two Forms of Prayer First Drawn Up and Now Revised and Enlarged by Edmund Gibson the Twenty Second Edition
Joy in Heaven and the Creed of Devils Two Sermons Preached October 29 1775 by Augustus Toplady
Thoughts on the Distinct Provinces of Revelation and Philosophy Proposed to the Candid Considerations of Young Students in Divinity of Both Universities and Other Seminaries of Learning
Short Conversations Or an Easy Road to the Temple of Fame Which All May Reach Who Endeavour to Be Good
Memoires Pour Servir Aux Essais de Michel Seigneur de Montagne Seconde Edition
LAveu Sincere O Lettre Une M re Sur Les Dangers Que Court La Jeunesse En Se Livrant Un Go t Trop Vif Pour La Litt rature
Selecta Colloquiorum Maturini Corderii Centuria Notis Anglicis Adspersa a Gulielmo Willymott Usui Scholarum Editio Nova Prioribus Emendatior
Devotions for the Closet
The Spiritual Warfare Or Some Sermons Concerning the Nature of Mortification Being the Substance of Ten Sermons Newly Corrected and Amended by Mr Andrew Gray
Letters Chiefly Written for Comforting Those Bereaved of Children or Friends Collected from Books and Mss Second Edition to Which Is Added a Supplement Not in the Former Edition by John Erskine DD
With the Substance of the Evidence Thereupon As Sumd by Mr Glover the Fourth Edition
Documents Explanatory of the Case of Sir John Macpherson Baronet as Governor General of Bengal
Wilsons Dublin Directory for the Year 1779
Popery Unmasked Or a Dialogue Between a Popish Priest and an English Protestant Wherein the Principal Points and Arguments of Both Religions Are Truly Proposed and Fully Examined by the Reverend and Learned Mr Matthew Poole
True Delicacy Or the History of Lady Frances Tylney and Henry Cecil Esq of 2 Volume 2
Aristotles Compleat and Experienced Midwife in Two Parts I Guide for Child-Bearing Women II Proper and Safe Remedies Made English by W- S- MD the Twelfth Edition
Preventing Love Or Gods Love to Us the Cause of Our Love to Him Being a Sermon Preached on I John IV 19 at Portmoak June 3 1723 by Mr Ralph Erskine
Xenophons Ephesian History Or the Love-Adventures of Abrocomas and Anthia in Five Books Translated from the Greek by Mr Rooke the Second Edition
Altro Frammento Di Una Lettera Greca Diviso in 26 Paragrafi
Constitutions Orders and Regulations of the Society of Stewards and Subscribers for Maintaining and Educating Poor Orphans of Clergymen Till of Age to Be Put Apprentice
Terri-Filius Published Daily During the Encinia at Oxford in Honour of the Peace
Poems on Several Occasions by Michael Bruce
Thoughts on the Commencement of the Year M DCC XCVIII by a Nottinghamshire Magistrate Second Edition
Monstrous Good Songs Sentiments and Toasts Humorous Medlies Cantatas Catches Glees for the Year 1794 As Sung at All Public Places of Amusement Dedicated to the Sons of Mirth and Jollity Embellished with Several Originals
Religio Laici Or a Laymans Thoughts Upon His Duty to God His Neighbour and Himself the Third Edition
The Three Distinct Knocks or the Door of the Most Antient Free-Masonry Opening to All Men Neither Naked Nor Cloathd Being an Universal Description of All Its Branches by W- O- V-N the Seventh Edition
The Great Ruin and the Great Relief Or Help from Heaven to Self-Destroyers on Earth in Some Sermons Upon Hosea XIII 9 Preached at Braid-Craigs Wednesday March 22 1738 by Ralph Erskine
Religio Laici Or a Laymans Thoughts Upon His Duty to God His Neighbour and Himself the Second Edition
Isabella Et Henri Traduit de lAnglois Par M de Cantwel of 4 Volume 1
Gospel-Compulsion Or Ministerial Power and Authority a Sermon Preached at the Ordination of Mr John Hunter by Ralph Erskine
Seasonable Advice to a Young Clergyman In a Letter from a Gentleman in the Country to His Kinsman in London Just Enterd Into Orders by F R
Twenty Five Discourses Suitable to the Lords Supper Delivered Just Before the Administration of That Sacred Ordinance by the Late Reverend and Learned John Owen the Second Edition
An Essay on Foolish Questions Another on Contending for the Faith Being Two Visitation Sermons by Edward Lord Archbishop of Tuam
A Prefatory Discourse to an Examination of a Late Book Entituled an Exposition of the Thirty Nine Articles of the Church of England by Gilbert Bishop of Sarum by a Presbyter of the Church of England
A Months Tour in North Wales Dublin and Its Environs with Observations Upon Their Manners and Police in the Year 1780
A Collection of Hymns for Social Worship More Particularly Designd for the Use of the Tabernacle Congregation in London by George Whitefield the Ninth Edition
The Accidence Or First Rudiments of English Grammar Designed for the Use of Young Ladies with an Appendix by a Lady
The Careless Husband a Comedy Written by Colley Cibber Esq
A Dissertation Upon the Account Supposd to Have Been Given of Jesus Christ by Josephus Being an Attempt to Shew That This Celebrated Passage Some Slight Corruptions Only Excepted May Reasonably Be Esteemd Genuine
A Letter to David Garrick Esq Concerning a Glossary to the Plays of Shakespeare on a More Extensive Plan Than Has Hitherto Appeared to Which Is Annexed a Specimen
The Man of Business a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden by George Colman
A Sermon Preachd at Bow-Church London Before the Societies for Reformation on Monday the 29th of December 1701 by White Kennett
A Sermon Preachd at the Ordination of the Rev Mr Thomas Amory and Mr William Cornish at Taunton Somerset Oct 7 1730 by Henry Grove to Which Is Added a Charge Delivered on the Same Occasion by John Milner
The Present Method of Inoculating for the Small-Pox to Which Are Added Some Experiments Instituted with a View to Discover the Effects of a Similar Treatment in the Natural Small-Pox by Thomas Dimsdale MD the Third Edition
The Theory and Uses of Baths Being an Extract from the Essay on Waters by the Late Charles Lucas with Marginal Notes by Dr Achmet Illustrated by Some Annexed Cases
A Letter to the Society of Protestant Dissenters at the Octagon in Liverpool the Second Edition
A Short Inquiry Into Revealed Religion in Its Origin Its Progress and Its Final Establishment in Christianity Digested Into Five Sermons Preached at Bath in the Years 1792-3 by the Rev Wm Leigh
The Battle of the Bonnets a Political Poem from the Erse
An Extract of the Rev Mr John Wesleys Journal from September 6 1741 to October 27 1743 No V
A Home-Thrust at Duelling Intended as an Answer to a Late Pamphlet Intitled a Hint on Duelling by Way of Letter by Captain Abraham Clerke of Norwich
An Ode to the Warlike Genius of Great Britain
The Confederacy a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Queens Theatre in the Hay-Market by the Author of the Relapse
An Extract of the Rev Mr John Wesleys Journal from May 14 1768 to Sept 1 1770 XV
An Account of the Trial of Edward Smyth Late Curate of Ballyculter in the Diocese of Down
The Discovery a Comedy as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane Written by the Editor of Miss Sidney Bidulph
Emotional Moments Wild Animal Sex UK-Version 2019 Ingo Gerlach GDT has chosen from his giant pool of images from animals great sex photos More at tierphotode
Ambiances animalieres 2019 Reproduction de peintures animalieres par Christian LAURENT
Emotional Moments Birds of Africa UK-Version 2019 The colorful birds of Africa in 12 images A calendar by Ingo Gerlach
Observations on the Advantages of Bringing the Grand Canal Round by the Circular Road Into the River Liffey Addressed to the Commissioners for Making Wide and Convenient the Streets of Dublin by William Chapman Engineer
Air Force 2019 A small collection of airplanes and helicopters from air forces of different countries from Europe
Dubrovnik - Heart of the Adriatic Sea 2019 Dubrovnik - one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean
Images insolites 2019 Voyage dans une nature aux couleurs imaginaires
Boudoir Burlesque 2019 Portraits de danseuses burlesques tous prives
Wolves Wild Spirits 2019 Stunning images of the most legendary predator
Andalucia The south of Spain 2019 The most beautiful images from the south of Spain in one Calendar
Abensberg Swan Family 2019 White Elegance
Memoirs of General Dumourier Written by Himself in Two Volumes Translated from the Original French of 2 Volume 1
Feuilles dans leau 2019 Eclats de lumiere sur les feuilles inondees
Benidorm Impressions 2019 Best views of Benidorm Spain
Le heron cendre solitaire 2019 Lelegant heron cendre dans differentes situations de son quotidien
WATERPASSION 2019 The passion of swimming
Observations in Answer to Mr Thomas Paines Age of Reason by the Rev William Jackson Now a Prisoner in the New-Prison Dublin on a Charge of High-Treason
Emotional Moments African Wildlife Part 3 UK-Version 2019 Dramatic yet beautiful pictures of Africas wildlife
A travers Taiwan 2019 Impressions exotiques en provenance dAsie Les plus belles photos de Taiwan
Emotional Moments Harley Davidson - Wide Glide UK-Version 2019 Emotional moments of product photography for a Harley
Abstract fine-art photography by Xenia Sg 2019 A colourful collection of my abstract and emotional photos
Prague in my heart 2019 Walking around beautiful Prague
Archipel des Acores 2019 Paysages de lArchipel des Acores
Inoubliables flamants roses de Camargue 2019 Les flamants roses sont des oiseaux magnifiques et majestueux aux couleurs rares Ils sont ainsi devenus lembleme inoubliable de la Camargue !
Letters from Cicero to Catiline the Second with Corrections and Explanatory Notes
Measuring Made Easy Or the Description and Use of Coggeshalls Sliding-Rule Whereunto Is Now Added the Description of Scamozzis Lines with Their Use in Finding the Lengths and Angles of Rafters
The Pocket Lyric Magazine Or Convivial and Entertaining Vocal Miscellany Containing a Complete Collection of the Most Esteemed Songs Cantatas Duettos Trios Catches Glees c c Embellished with Superb Engravings
Psalmodia Evangelica a Complete Set of Psalm and Hymn Tunes for Public Worship Containing a Greater Number and Variety Than Any Former Collection by T Williams of 2 Volume 1
A Collection of Chearful and Humourous Songs Sung by the Brave Tars of Old England and Other Merry Companions Who Over a Cann of Flip Are Disposed for Mirth and Good Humour a New Edition
Aristotles Compleat Master Piece in Three Parts Displaying the Secrets of Nature in the Generation of Man to Which Is Added a Treasure of Health Or the Family Physician the Twenty-Fifth Edition
Shewing the Nature and Necessity of a Sacramental Preparation in Order to Our Worthy Receiving the Holy Communion the Eighth Edition
Letters Between Master Tommy and Miss Nancy Goodwill Containing the History of Their Holiday Amusements Embellished with Cuts
Remarks Upon a Pamphlet Entitled an Apology for Lord B--- in a Letter to a Young Woman
The True Interest of Great Britain Considered Or a Proposal for Establishing the Northern British Fisheries in Which the Circumstances That Have Hitherto Frustrated Every Attempt to Establish These Fisheries Are Investigated
Macbeth A Tragedy As It Is Now Acted at the New Theatre of Edinburgh Written by Mr Shakespear with Alterations by Mr Tate
Thoughts on Subscription to Religious Tests Particularly That Required by the University of Cambridge in a Letter to H W Coulthurst with an Appendix by William Frend the Second Edition Corrected
Travels in Several Parts of Turkey Egypt and the Holy Land by James Haynes
Sectionum Conicarum Elementa Nova Methodo Demonstrata Authore Jacobo Milnes Editio Secunda Emendata Plurimisque in Locis Aucta Illustrata
Tracts Upon Our Wool and Woollen Trade Wherein Are Considerd the Irish Produce and Disposal of It with Considerations on Mr Gees Impartial Enquiry Wherein of the Growth Running Manufacturing and Vent of Wool
Answers for George Lockhart of Carnwath Esq To the Petition of Thomas Dickson
Some Remarkable Narratives of the Success of the Gospel in America in the Beginning of This Century Written by the Late Rev Jonathan Edwards and by Other Ministers in America
Being an Answer to the Declaration of the General Congress
The New History of the Trojan Wars and Troys Destruction In Four Books to Which Is Added the Siege of Troy a Tragi-Comedy as It Has Been Often Acted with Great Applause
Some Remarks Upon the Temper of the Late Writers about Convocations Particularly Dr Wake Dr Kennet and the Author of Mr Atterburys Principles c by a Gentleman in the Country
State-Amusements Serious and Hypocritical Fully Exemplified in the Abdication of King James the Second Containing an Account of the Most Remarkable Amusements That Happend in the Government of That Prince
Aristotles Book of Problems with Other Astronomers Astrologers Physicians and Philosophers Wherein Is Containd Divers Questions and Answers Touching the State of Mans Body the Twenty-Sixth Edition
On the Employment of Time Three Essays
Pieces Selected from the Italian Poets by Agostino Isola and Translated Into English Verse by Some Gentlemen of the University the Second Edition
The Hertfordshire Melody Or Psalm-Singers Recreation Being a Valuable Collection of Psalms Hymns Anthems c on Various Occasions To Which Is Prefixed a New Concise and Easy Introduction to the Art of Singing
The Glories of the Gospel Exemplified And Its Nature and Properties Doctrines and Preachers Considered and Adjusted In Three Discourses Preached in Little Alie-Street Goodmans-Fields Lords Days July 29 Aug5 and 12 1792
Some Reflections on the Causes and Circumstances That May Retard or Prevent the Putrefaction of Dead Bodies Occasioned by an Account of a Body Found Entire and Imputrid at Staverton in Devonshire 81 Years After Its Interment
Il Ratto Della Sposa a Comic Opera As Performd at the Kings-Theatre in the Hay-Market the Music Entirely New by Signor Pietro Gugllelmi the Poetry by Signor Gaetano Martinelli Giovan Gualberto Bottarelli
Pietas Oxoniensis Or a Full and Impartial Account of the Expulsion of Six Students from St Edmund Hall Oxford by a Master of Arts of the University of Oxford the Second Edition Revised Corrected and Enlarged
A Genuine History of the Lives and Actions of the Most Notorious Irish Highwaymen Tories and Rapparees from Redmond O Hanlon to Cahier Na Gappul Also the Gold-Finder Or the History of Manus Maconiel the Third Edition
Animadversions and Observations Upon a Treatise Lately Publishd Entituled Some Calculations and Remarks Relating to the Present State of the Publick Debts and Funds
Observations on the State of the Highways and on the Laws for Keeping Them in Repair with a Bill for Comprehending and Reducing Into One Act of Parliament the Most Essential Parts of All the Statutes in Force Relating to the Highways
Letters on the French Nation By a Sicilian Gentleman Residing at Paris to His Friend in His Own Country Containing an Useful and Impartial Critique on That City and the French Nation the Second Edition
Considerations on the Question Relating to the Scots Militia Or a Review of the Several Shires in North Britain With Many Curious Anecdotes Among Which a Faithful Character of Archibald Late Duke of Argyle the Second Edition
Letters on the Impolicy of a Standing Army in Time of Peace And on the Unconstitutional and Illegal Measure of Barracks With a Postcript Illustrative of the Real Constitutional Mode of Defence for This Island
Tullys Rambles Or an Irishmans Tour Through London and Westminster An Hibernian Pasticio as Recited and Sung with Universal Applause by Mr Johnstone at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden
Hints Relative to the Management of the Poor Humbly Addressed to the Public in General And the Legislature in Particular to Which Is Added a Plan for the Encouragement of Useful Discoveries and Improvements
Reasons for an Augmentation of at Least Twelve Thousand Mariners to Be Employed in the Merchants-Service and Coasting-Trade With Some Thoughts on the Means of Providing for a Number of Our Seamen After the Present War Is Finished
Divine Sovereignty in the Salvation and Damnation of Sinners Vindicated In a Discourse Delivered at West Chester in Colchester by Robert Robbins AM Pastor of a Church in Colchester
A Plea for the Non-Conformists in Three Parts I the True State of Their Case II a Parallel Scheme of the Pagan Papal and Christian Rites and Ceremonies III the Sufferings Underwent
Three Dissertations One on the Characters of Augustus Horace and Agrippa the Gallery of Verres by the ABBE Fraguier and on the Nature Origin and Use of Masks in Theatrical Representations Among the Ancients by Mr Boindin
London and Westminster Improved Illustrated by Plans to Which Is Prefixed a Discourse on Publick Magnificence With Observations on the State of Arts and Artists in This Kingdom
Directions for Making the Best Composition for the Metals of Reflecting Telescopes Together with a Description of the Process for Grinding Polishing and Giving the Great Speculum the True Parabolic Curve 1777
Captain Opies Appeal Against the Illegal Proceedings of Vice-Admiral Mathews to the Late Lords Commissioners for Executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of Great-Britain
Letters of Orellana an Irish Helot to the Seven Northern Counties Not Represented in the National Assembly of Delegates Held at Dublin 1784 for Obtaining a More Equal Representation of the People in the Parliament of Ireland
Considerations on Mr Whistons Historical Preface Being an Answer to His Plain Questions and by Him Recommended with an Appendix Containing an Account of the Jewish Notion of the Messiah in Our Saviours Time
Remarks on Three Sermons Lately Published Under the Title Of the Impossibility of Obtaining Salvation by Faith Without Obedience Preached in the Parish Church of St Martin Birmingham (by John Gaunt November 1769
Observations on the Charter and Conduct of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts Designed to Shew Their Non-Conformity to Each Other with Remarks on the Mistakes of East Apthorp Ma
Journal of a Route to Nagpore by the Way of Cuttae Burrosumber and the Southern Bunjare Ghaut in the Year 1790 With an Account of Nagpore and a Journal from That Place to Benares by the Soohagee Pass
Augusta Triumphans Or the Way to Make London the Most Flourishing City in the Universe First by Establishing an University Concluding with an Effectual Method to Prevent Street Robberies the Second Edition
A Journal of the Captivity and Sufferings of John Foss Several Years a Prisoner at Algiers Together with Some Account of the Treatment of Christian Slaves When Sick Second Edition Published According to Act of Congress
Tunbridge Wells Or a Directory for the Drinking of Those Waters by Lewis Rouse MD to Which Are Annexed Two Tracts Viz I Mr Boyles Observations Upon Tunbridge II a Physico-Mechanical Dissertation Upon Water
Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty the Principles of Government and the Justice and Policy of the War with America to Which Are Added an Appendix and Postscript Containing a State of the National Debt the Eighth Edition
Supplement to the Genealogical History of the Stewarts with Corrections and Additions And Containing Answers to an Anonymous Attack on That History by Andrew Stuart Esq MP
King Arthur Or the British Worthy a Masque as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Crow-Street by the Servants of His Majesty Altered from Dryden the Music by Purcell to Which Is Perfixed the Life of Arthur
The Art of Painting in Miniature Teaching the Speedy and Perfect Acquisition of That Art Without a Master the Sixth Edition to Which Are Now Added I Certain Secrets of One of the Greatest Italian Painters
The Great Duty of Contentment and Resignation to the Will of God Recommended Shewing the Ways and Means How to Attain Such a Temper of Mind the Substance of Five Sermons the Fifth Edition Corrected by the Author
An Address to Persons of Fashion Relating to Balls With a Few Occasional Hints Concerning Play-Houses Card-Tables in Which Is Introduced the Character of Lucinda a Lady of the Very Best Fashion the Sixth Edition
Recueil Pricieux de la Maionnerie Adonhiramite Contenant Les Catichismes Des Quatre Premiers Grades Par Un Chevalier de Tous Les Ordres Maioniques Nouvelle Edition Augmentie Des Emblimes Des Estampes Qui Ne Se Trouvent Point Dans liditio
Ars Pun-Ica Sive Flos Linguarum The Art of Punning Or the Flower of Languages In Seventy-Nine Rules For the Farther Improvement of Conversation and Help of Memory the Second Edition
Panegyrical Essays Upon the Prayer Lord Pity the People The Only Words of William I Prince of Orange at His Death 10th July 1584 Transformd Into the Order They Are Now In Anno 1714 Upon His Majestys Accession to the Crown
The Atheist Converted Or the Flesh Reconciled to the Spirit a Conflict Between the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error Being Carried on in the Method of a Disputing Dialogue Between an Atheist and a Christian Believer
A New Plain and Rational Treatise on the True Nature and Uses of the Bath Waters Shewing the Cases and Constitutions in Which These Waters Are Really Proper to Be Used to Which Are Added Several Very Remarkable Cures
Trial for Adultery in Westminster Hall on Wednesday December 9 1789 Before Lord Kenyon John Parslow Esq Plaintiff and Francis William Sykes Esq Defendant for Criminal Conversation with the Plaintiffs Wife a New Edition
Select Dissertations on Colonies and Plantations by Those Celebrated Authors Sir Josiah Child Charles dAvenant and Mr William Wood Wherein the Nature of Plantations Are Seriously Considered
Abhandlungen iber Die Natur Und Wirkung Der Christlichen Taufe Communion Und Des Gottesdienstlichen Harrens Auf Den Herrn Welchen Beygefigt Sind Einige Wenige Anmerkungen iber Die Beobachtung Oeffentlicher Fasten Und Feyertige
Scriptural Views of the National Establishment Considered as the Church of the Living God and as the Pillar and Ground of the Truth a Charity-Sermon Preached at the Opening of St Michaels Church in Cornhill 1790
Inaugural Dissertation Being an Attempt to Prove That Certain Substances Are Conveyed Unchanged Into the Circulation Or If Changed That They Are Recomposed and Regain Their Active Properties
Twelve Plates of English Silver Coins from the Norman Conquest to Henry the Eighth Inclusive with a Calculation of Their Respective Values and Short Observations Upon Each Plate
Callipidii An Art How to Have Handsome Children Written in Latin by the Abbot Quillet Also Pidotrophii or the Art of Nursing and Breeding Up Children the Second Edition
Louthiana Or an Introduction to the Antiquities of Ireland in Upwards of Ninety Views and Plans Divided Into Three Books the Second Edition Revised and Corrected with Some Few Additions by the Author
An Extract from a Treatise on the Spirit of Prayer or the Soul Rising Out of the Vanity of Time Into the Riches of Eternity with Some Thoughts on War Remarks on the Nature and Bad Effects of the Use of Spirituous Liquors
Robin Hoods Garland Being a Compleat History of All the Notable and Merry Exploits Performd by Him and His Men Adornd with Twenty-Seven Neat and Curious Cuts
Pastoral Lessons and Parental Conversations Intended as a Companion to E Barbaulds Hymns in Prose
An Account of the Late Dr Goldsmiths Illness So Far as Relates to the Exhibition of Dr Jamess Powder an Examination of the Rev Mr John Wesleys Primitive Physic And an Address to the Public on Premature Death
Tyrocinium Geographicum Londinense Or the London Geography Consisting of Dr Frees Short Lectures Compiled for the Use of His Younger Pupils the Second Edition with Additions
Officina Chymica Londinensis Sive Exacta Notitia Medicamentorum Spagyricorum Opera Studio Nicolai Staphorst
Letters of the Late Rev Mr Laurence Sterne to His Most Intimate Friends with a Fragment in the Manner of Rabelais to Which Are Prefixd Memoirs of His Life and Family in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 3
A Sermon Preached in the Parish-Church of Christ-Church London on Thursday April the 29th 1762 Being the Time of the Yearly Meeting of the Children Educated in the Charity-Schools in and about the Cities of London
Love in Masquerade Or Seeing Is Not Believing Containing Several Pleasant Adventures in the Masquerading Way
A Catalogue of a Very Large and Curious Collection of Books in All Branches of Learning Containing Several Libraries Lately Purchased in Which Are Included Those of Monsieur Sanson and the Rev Mr Francis Peck by Thomas Payne
Reflexions on Courtship and Marriage Two Letters to a Friend a Practicable Plan Is Laid Down for Obtaining and Securing Conjugal Felicity to Which Is Annexed a Letter to a Very Young Lady on Her Marriage by Dr Swift
Memorial for Alexander Irvine of Drum and His Tutors Pursuers Against George Earl of Aberdeen Mrs Margaret Duff of Coulter and Others Defenders
Songs Attempted in Easy Language for the Use of Children by J Watts
A Plain Political Catechism Intended for the Use of Schools in the United States of America Wherein the Great Principles of Liberty and of the Federal Government Are Laid Down and Explained by Way of Question and Answer
Pietas Hallensis Attending the Management and Improvement of the Orphan-House at Glaucha Near Hall Published by the Reverend Aug Herm Franck Part III
Queries to the Presbyterians of Scotland by a Gentleman of That Country
An Enquiry Into the Exercise of Some Parts of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction In Three Letters to Samuel Lord Bishop of Chester Also an Appendix No1 a Collated Copy of the Table of Fees No 4 Some Other Letters
Notes Upon the Twelve Books of Paradise Lost Collected from the Spectator Written by Mr Addison to Which Is Prefixed a Critical and Biographical Account of the Author and His Writings
Reflections on Courtship and Marriage In Two Letters to a Friend Wherein a Practicable Plan Is Laid Down for Obtaining and Securing Conjugal Felicity to Which Is Annexed a Letter to a Very Young Lady on Her Marriage
The Best Match Or the Souls Espousal to Christ Opened and Improved by Edward Pearse the Eighth Edition
Measuring Made Easy Or the Description and Use of Coggeshalls Sliding Rul[e] Containing Instructions for Measuring All Manner of Timber Both by the Common Way and the True Way
The Spirit of Prayer Or the Soul Rising Out of the Vanity of Time Into the Riches of Eternity in Two Parts Part the First by William Law MA the Seventh Edition
Brief Reflections on the Eloquence of the Pulpit (Occasioned by a Pamphlet Entitled Remarks on a Sermon Preached 1795 by the Rev J Gardiner)
Philosophical Essays on the Following Subjects I on the Ascent of Vapours II Observations and Conjectures on the Nature of the Aurora Borealis III on the Principles of Mechanicks the Second Edition Improved and Enlarged
Christmas Tales for the Amusement and Instruction of Young Ladies and Gentlemen in Winter Evenings by Solomon Sobersides
Memoir of the Chart of the Straits of Sunda and Banka by Adalrymple 1786 Second Edition
Odes by George Dyer M Robinson A L Barbauld J Ogilvie c c c
She Woud and She Woud Not Or the Kind Impostor A Comedy by Colley Cibber
Sermons to Children To Which Are Added Short Hymns Suited to the Subjects by a Lady
Sacramental Exercises in Two Parts I the Christians Employment Before AT and After the Lords Supper II the Christians Conduct in His After Life by Jabez Earle DD
sopi Phrygis Fabul Latine Reddit Cum Elegantia Tantum Non Romana Ad Puerulorum Captum Accommodat in Usum Scholarum
Fables by the Late MR John Gay in Two Parts Complete in One Volume
Twelve Delightful Novels Displaying the Stratagems of Love and Gallantry by a Person of Quality
The Gospel of Christ No Cause of Shame Demonstrated in Two Discourses on the Subject by Elhanan Winchester [two Lines of Scripture Text]
Two Sermons of the Nature and Necessity of Restitution by the Most Reverend Dr John Tillotson
Les Jardins Ou lArt dEmbellir Les Paysages Poime Par M lAbbi de Lille Vie Edition
The Art of Preserving Health A Poem by John Armstrong MD to Which Are Added His Other Miscellaneous Pieces in Verse and Prose a New Edition Corrected
The Doctrines of the Gospel Vindicated In a Letter to Mr Philip Gibbs In Answer to His Letter to the Protestant Dissenting Congregation Meeting at Hackney by N W FLS the Second Edition
Mathurini Corderii Colloquia Selecta Or Select Colloquies of Mathurin Cordier by Samuel Loggon MA for the Use of Schools
Ymadrodd Gweddaidd Ynghyleh Diwedd y Byd Neu Tueddiad at Yr Amser a Digwyddo Dydd y Farn Yn Cynwys Hefyd Mwy Na Dau Cant O Englynnion Duwiol O Erfynniad Am Drugaredd
Venice Preservd Or a Plot Discoverd a Tragedy by Thomas Otway
La Plume Volante Or the Art of Short-Hand Improvd by William Mason
Sacramental Meditations on the Sufferings and Death of Christ In Which the Humiliation or Sufferings of Christ in His Birth Is Considered by Mr Daniel Campbel the Ninth Edition Corrected and Amended
One Hundred Gospel-Hymns in Memory of Redeeming Love and of the Death and Sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ for Perishing Sinners by John Willison
Sunday Thoughts the Mornings Meditating Walk Containing the Internal Early and Preparatory Duties by Moses Browne Part II
A Rule and a Riddle Or an Everlasting Task for Blind Watchmen and Old Women in a Letter to a Friend by William Huntington SS
A Journal with Occasional Remarks Made on a Trip from Aleppo to Bussora Across the Grand Desart [sic] of Arabia
The Beggars Wedding an Opera as It Is Acting with Great Applause at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane with the Prologue and Epilogue by Mr Char Coffey
The Loyal Subject a Tragi-Comedy Written by Mr Francis Beaumont and Mr John Fletcher
A Translation of the Passages from Greek Latin Italian and French Writers Quoted in the Prefaces and Notes to the Pursuits of Literature A Poem in Four Dialogues to Which Is Prefixed a Prefatory Epistle by the Translator
A Select Collection of Drawings from Curious Antique Gems Most of Them in the Possession of the Nobility and Gentry of This Kingdom Etched After the Manner of Rembrandt by T Worlidge of 2 Volume 2
The Happy Hour of Christs Quickening Voice a Sermon Preached Immediately Before the Celebration of the Sacrament of the Lords Supper August 5th 1744 Together with a Discourse by Ralph Erskine
The Life of the Count Cagliostro Containing an Authentic Relation of the Uncommon Incidents That Befel Him During His Residence in England His Arrival in France His Commitment to the Bastile- His Return to England
A Modern System of Natural History Containing Accurate Descriptions and Faithful Histories of Animals Vegetables and Minerals by the Rev Samuel Ward of 12 Volume 11
An Authentic Account of the Trials at Large of George Robert Fitzgerald Esq Timothy Brecknock James Fulton and Others for the Murder of Patrick Randall mDonnell and Charles Hipson
The Strangers at Home A Comic Opera in Three Acts as Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane by James Cobb
A Proposal for Improving and Adorning the Island of Great Britain For the Maintenance of Our Navy and Shipping For the Employment and Perpetual Relief of Our Poor
A Sure Guide to Hell by Belzebub
A New Comic Opera Called the Highland Reel as It Is Acted at the Theatres-Royal in London and Edinburgh with Universal Applause Written by Mr OKeefe
A Perswasive Oration to the People of Great Britain to Stand Up in Defence of Their Liberty and Religion by George Waldron
The English Orator Books the Second and Third by the Rev Richard Polwhele
A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling Confirmed by Actual Experience and Minute Observations to Which Is Added the Complete Fly-Fisher by Thomas Best the Third Edition
Oliviers de Provence 2019 Photos de ces majestueux oliviers de Provence
An Historical Essay on the Rise and Progress of the Small-Pox to Which Is Added a Short Appendix to Prove That Inoculation Is No Security from the Natural Small-Pox by William Clinch MD the Second Edition
A Memorial Most Humbly Addressed to the Sovereigns of Europe on the Present State of Affairs Between the Old and New World the Second Edition
A Discourse Delivered at the Commencement of the Manchester Academy September XIV MDCCLXXXVI by Thomas Barnes DD
The Siege of Jerusalem by Titus Vespasian A Tragedy to Which Is Prefixed by Way of Introduction an Essay on the Mystery and Mischiefs of Stage-Craft
A Scots Pastoral Comedy by Allan Ramsay
Pine Tree and Light 2019 I was born under pine trees and spent whole my life looking at how the light is captured between their branches and needles
Reflections on the Seven Days of the Week the Second Edition
Histories or Tales of Past Times Told by Mother Goose with Morals Written in French by M Perrault and Englished by G M Gent the Tenth Edition Corrected
Divine Songs Attempted in Easy Language for the Use of Children by I Watts DD the Twenty-First Edition with Some Additional Composures
Lintoun Green Or the Third Market-Day of June 1685 a Poem in Nine Cantos Ascribed to Alexander Pennecuik of Newhall MD from the Second Edition
The Secret History of the Loose and Incestuous Loves of Pope Gregory VII Commonly Calld St Hildebrand And of the Cardinal de Richelieu Collected from Several French and Italian Manuscripts Written in Their Time
Standing Rules and Regulations of His Majestys Regiment of Fraser Fencible Infantry Issued by Colonel Simon Fraser at Tuam 1798
Spiritual Songs for Children Or Poems on Several Subjects and Occasions by J Wright Adorned with Cuts
Zara a Tragedy by Aaron Hill Esq Adapted for Theatrical Representation as Performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden Regulated from the Prompt-Books
Tables for Accurately Ascertaining by Weight or Measure the Strength of Spirituous Liquors from 30 p Sto 85 p Sof Temperature with an Introduction Describing the Principles of the Tables by a Variety of Examples by John Wilson
The Real Seeker Or a Series of Letters Relative to His Religious Doubts with Their Respective Solutions and Rejoinders
Essai Sur La Paix de 1783 D di lArchev que de Paris Par Un Pasteur Anglican
Reasons for Fasting and Humiliation Agreed Upon by the Associate Session in London And Set Forth in Two Acts for Fasting Passed by Them The One January 19 1756 the Other March 5 1770
Or the Great Work of a Christian Opened and Pressed from Prov IV 23 to Which Is Added a Faithful and Succinct Narrative of Some Late and Wonderful Sea-Deliverances by Mr John Flavell
Remarks Upon Dr Sharps Two Dissertations Concerning the Etymology and Scripture-Meaning of the Hebrew Words Elohim and Berith by David Aboab
Lingu Gr c Institutiones Grammatic in Usum Studios Juventutis Auctore Alexandro Dunlop Editio Quinta
Collected Into English Metre by Thomas Sternhold John Hopkins and Others
The Jerusalem Sinner Saved Or Good News for the Vilest of Men Being an Help for Despairing Souls by John Bunyan
As It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
Religio Clerici Or the Private Devotions of a Private Country Divine of the Church of England
Zoramis Roi de Crete Ou Le Ministre Vertueux Tragidie Nouvelle En Cinq Actes Et En Vers Par M Dorat
Verbatim Copies of the Humble Petitions Memorial and Case of John Drummond Heir of the Estate and Earldom of Perth to His Majesty With an Advertisement by Way of Apology for Publishing at This Time These Petitions c
Speculum Anni Or Season on the Seasons for the Year of Our Lord 1787 by Henry Season the Authors Fifty-Fourth Impression
Remarks Upon a Protestation Presented to the Synod of Philadelphia June 1 1741 by Gilbert Tennent AM and Minister of the Gospel in New-Brunswick New-Jersey [two Lines from Proverbs]
Captain Cooks Third and Last Voyage to the Pacific Ocean in the Years 1776 77 78 79 and 80 Faithfully Abridged from the Quarto Edition
Zoriada Or Village Annals a Novel in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 1
Winters Wit Or Fun for Cold Weather Being a New and Valuable Collection of Stories Songs and Jests Calculated for General Entertainment
Venice Preservd Or a Plot Discoverd a Tragedy Written by Thomas Otway
Translations and Paraphrases from Sacred Scripture
Miscellaneous Proposals for Increasing Our National Wealth Twelve Millions a Year And Also for Augmenting the Revenue Without a New Tax or the Further Extension of the Excise Laws Second Edition by John Donaldson Esq
Lady Jane Gray a Tragedy as Written by N Rowe as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane Regulated from the Prompt-Book by Mr Hopkins Prompter
Fairburns Correct and Complete Abstract of the Income Act Passed January 9 1799 to Which Is Annexed a Table Shewing the Amount to Be Paid on Any Sum from i60 to i200 the Whole of the ACT Is Completely Abstracted
Vindiciae Gallicae Defence of the French Revolution and Its English Admirers Against the Accusations of the Right Hon Edmund Burke Including Some Strictures on the Late Production of Mons de Calonne [iE Colonne] by James Mackintosh
Bedford Level the Account of the Officer of the North Level from April 17 1758 to January 7 1759
Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners Or a Brief and Faithful Relation of the Exceeding Mercy of God in Christ to His Poor Servant John Bunyan
Three Sermons Inscribed to the Friends of Peace Reason and Revelation by a Clergyman of the Church of England
Proceedings of a Court-Martial Held on Edmond Roche Esq of Kildinan Monday August 13th 1798
Speech of Edmund Burke Esq On American Taxation Also the Speech of the Right Honourable the Earl of Chatham in the House of Lords on Friday the 20th of January 1775
Answers for George Earl of Aberdeen and Mrs Margaret Duff of Culter Defenders To the Condescendence of Alexander Irvine of Drum and His Tutors Pursuers
Lettres Aux Franiais Par lAuteur Des Lettres Aux Souverains
Choice Tales Consisting of an Elegant Collection of Delightful Little Pieces for the Instruction Amusement of Young Persons
Zoriada Or Village Annals a Novel in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 2
The Statutes and Rules for the Government of the Leicester-Infirmary Open to the Sick and Poor of Any County
Essai Sur Le Rachat Des Rentes Et Redevances Foncieres
The Enthusiasm of Methodists and Papists Compared the Third Edition
The Plainest Easiest and Prettiest Method of Writing Short-Hand Ever Yet Published by FT
The Trial of Vice-Admiral Byng at a Court-Martial Held on Board His Majestys Ship the St George in Portsmouth Harbour Together with the Admirals Defence Taken Down in Short-Hand
The Exposition Given by My Lord Bishop of Sarum of the Second Article of Our Religion Examined
A Review of the Life Character and Writings of the Rev John Biddle by Joshua Toulmin AM
A Letter from Mr Brothers to Miss Cott the Recorded Daughter of David and Future Queen of the Hebrews with an Address to the Members of His Britannic Majestys Council
The Appeal of an Injured Wife Against a Cruel Husband Written by Mrs Farrer
The True Gospel of Jesus Christ Vindicated and Also a Vindication of the Authors Short Dissertation on Providence by Thomas Chubb
A Supplement to the Treatise Entituled the Nature Obligation and Efficacy of the Christian Sacraments Considered by the Same Author
The Nature Obligation and Benefit of Publick Worship in Two Sermons the Substance of Which Was Preachd at Peckham February 17 1747-8 to Which Are Added Two Sermons Relative to the Same Subject by John Milner DD
An Essay on the Virtues of Lime-Water in the Cure of the Stone by Robert Whytt MD with an Appendix Containing the Case of the Honourable Horatio Walpole Written by Himself
The Honour and Happiness of the Poor in III Sermons The Substance of Which Was Preached to the Poor at Peckham-Surry by John Milner
The Robbers a Tragedy Translated from the German of Frederick Schiller the Fourth Edition of the Original Translation Corrected and Improved
The Character and Conduct of the Female Sex and the Advantages to Be Derived by Young Men from the Society of Virtuous Women a Discourse in Three Parts by James Fordyce
The Coffee-House or Fair Fugitive a Comedy of Five Acts Written by Mr Voltaire Translated from the French
A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury by Richard Lord Bishop of Landaff a New Edition
The Roman Father a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Mr W Whitehead
The Canon of the New Testament Vindicated In Answer to the Objections of J T in His Amyntor by John Richardson the Second Edition Corrected with Several Additions to Which Is Now Added a Letter from the Learned Mr Dodwell
The History of Pompey the Little Or the Life and Adventures of a Lap-Dog by Mr Coventry
A Review of Bishop Burnets History of His Own Times Particularly His Characters and Secret Memoirs with Critical Remarks Shewing the Partiality Inconsistency and Defects of That Political History by a Gentleman
A Description of the Works of the Ingenious Delineator and Engraver Wenceslaus Hollar Disposed Into Classes of Different Sorts With Some Account of His Life
An Account of the Epidemical Sore-Throat with the Method of Treatment Illustrated by Cases and Observations by G Levison
A Short Introduction to the Knowledge of the Science of Botany Explaining the Terms of Art Made Use of in the Linnian System Illustrated with Five Copper Plates by Philip Miller FRS
Venice Preservd Or a Plot Discoverd A Tragedy Written by Mr Thomas Otway
Pizarro A Tragedy in Five Acts As Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane Taken from the German Drama of Kotzebue And Adapted to the English Stage by Richard Brinsley Sheridan Twenty-Sixth Edition
Utrum Horum the Government Or the Country by D OBryen Third Edition
Zelida a Tragedy by the Author
Practical Architecture or a Sure Guide to the True Working According to the Rules of That Science Representing the Five Orders with Their Several Doors Windows by Willm Halfpenny
Bagatelles or Miscellaneous Productions Consisting of Original Poetry and Translations Principally by the Editor Weeden Butler
St Patrick for Ireland a Tragi-Comedy First Acted by His Majestys Company of Comedians in the Year 1639 Written by James Shirley Esq To Which Is Prefixd an Account of the Author and an Abstract of the Life of St Patrick
How to Grow Rich A Comedy as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden by Frederick Reynolds
Outlines of a System of Vegetable Generation by Dr J Hill Illustrated with Figures
Letters to Thomas Payne in Answer to His Late Publication on the Rights of Man by a Member of the University of Cambridge
Or the Youths Instructor and Workmans Remembrancer by B and T Langley
False and True a Play in Three Acts Now Performing at the Theatre Royal Hay-Market
La Governante Or the Duenna a New Comic Opera as Performed at the Kings Theatre in the Hay-Market the Poetry by Mr Badini the Music Entirely New by Signor Bertoni
An Appeal to the Publick from the Judgment of a Certain Manager with Original Letters And the Drama of One Act Which Was Refused Representation
Two Words of Counsel and One of Comfort Addressed to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales
Experiments and Observations Tending to Illustrate the Nature and Properties of Electricity by William Watson FRS the Second Edition
Doctor Last in His Chariot A Comedy As It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in the Hay-Market
Pizarro A Tragedy in Five Acts As Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane Taken from the German Drama of Kotzebue And Adapted to the English Stage by Richard Brinsley Sheridan Fifth Edition
To the Electors of Great Britain Serious Reflexions on a Dissolution of Parliament by an Elector
Zenobia a Tragedy by Arthur Murphy Esq Adapted for Theatrical Representation as Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane Regulated from the Prompt-Book
Plain Thoughts of a Plain Man Addressed to the Common Sense of the People of Great Britain With a Few Words En Passant to the Uncommon Sense of Mr Erskine
Christiani Cultus Or the Ornaments of a Christian Being a Collection of Christian Virtues and Graces Where They Are Commanded in the Holy Scriptures and the Promises of Blessings to Those Who Possess Them
Or Discourses on the Joys or Sorrows of Departed Souls at Death and the Glory or Terror of the Resurrection Whereto Is Prefixd an Essay Toward the Proof of a Separate State of Souls After Death Vol I II of 2 Volume 1
Scripture-Truths Demonstrated In Thirty Two Sermons or Declarations of Mr Stephen Crisp Exactly Taken in Shorthand as They Were Delivered by Him at the Publick Meeting-Houses of the People Called Quakers in and about London of 3 Volume 1
Licentia Poetica Discussd Or the True Test of Poetry Without Which It Is Difficult to Judge Of or Compose a Correct English Poem to Which Are Added Critical Observations on the Principal Antient and Modern Poets
Containing the Debate of Several Peeresses on the Bishop of Landaffs Bill for the More Effectual Discouragement of the Crime of Adultery the Fifth Edition
A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the Reverend Charles Case AM at Witham in Essex 1767 by John Rogers Together with an Introductory Discourse MR Cases Confession of Faith and a Charge Delivered to Him
Letters of the Late Rev Mr Laurence Sterne to His Most Intimate Friends with a Fragment in the Manner of Rabelais Also Memoirs of His Life and Family Written by Himself and Published by His Daughter in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 3
An Abridgement of Scripture History Designed for the Amusement and Improvement of Children Wherein the Most Striking Actions in the Old Testament Are Made Plain Adorned with Head Peices [sic] Curiously Engraved on 60 Copper Plates
The Christians Defence Against the Fears of Death With Directions How to Die Well Written Originally in French Abridged from the Last French Edition to Which Is Prefixed an Account of Mrs Veals Apparition to Mrs Bargrave
Dr Stearnss Tour from London to Paris Containing a Description of the Kingdom of France - The Customs Manners Polity Science Commerce and Agriculture of the Inhabitants
Her Majestys Prerogative in Ireland The Authority of the Government and Privy-Council There And the Rights Laws and Liberties of the City of Dublin Asserted and Maintaind in Answer to a Paper Falsly Intituled
Peace of Mind and Health of Body United Or a Discourse Shewing the Distinction Between a Wounded Conscience Convicted by a Sense of Sin and a Wounded Spirit Proceeding from a Disordered Body in a Letter to a Clergyman
Christianity a Revealed Mystery Or the Gracious Purpose of God Toward the Gentiles Set in a Clear Light in Some Reflections on Rom VIII 282930 to Which Is Added a Brief Discourse Concerning Perseverance in Grace
Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty the Principles of Government and the Justice and Policy of the War with America to Which Are Added an Appendix and Postcript Containing a State of the National Debt the Sixth Edition
Letters of Abelard and Heloise to Which Is Prefixd a Particular Account of Their Lives Amours and Misfortunes to Which Is Now First Added the Poem of Eloisa to Abelard the Tenth Edition Ornamented with Cuts
Another Defence of the Unity Wherein St Johns Introduction to His Gospel and His Account of the Words Being Made Flesh Are Considered with a Few Remarks on Some Very Late Notable Publications
A Discourse Concerning the Laws Ecclesiastical and Civil Made Against Hereticks by Popes Emperors and Kings Approved by the Church of Rome By a Cordial Friend to the Protestant Religion Now by Law Established in These Realms
Priestcraft in Perfection Or a Detection of the Fraud of Inserting and Continuing This Clause in the Twentieth Article of the Articles of the Church of England the Second Edition Corrected
An Inquiry Into the Right of Appeal from the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge in Matters of Discipline Addressed to a Fellow of a College Also Some Observations on the Authentic Narrative c
ioria Anzel-Cynnan Or a Compleat View of the Manners Customs Arms Habits c of the Inhabitants of England from the Arrival of the Saxons Till the Reign of Henry the Eighth by Joseph Strutt of 3 Volume 2
A Second Volume of Philosophical Meditations with Divine Inferences Containing a View of 1 the Primitive Purity of the Creation 5 the State of the Blessed in a New Heaven with a PostScript on the Nature of Water-Spouts of 1 Volume 1
The Crisis The Just Causes of the Late Happy Revolution And the Several Settlements of the Crowns of England and Scotland on Her Majesty with Some Seasonable Remarks on the Danger of a Popish Successor
Vertots Miscellanies Consisting of by M the Abbot Vertot of the Royal Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres by the RF Mabillon by M Vaillant
Youths Introduction to Trade and Business Containing I Tables of the Most Usual Clerk-Like Contractions of Words II Acquittances and Promissory Notes Diversified the Fifth Edition Corrected Augmented and Considerably Improved
The Ruins of Palmyra Otherwise Tedmor in the Desart
A Treatise on the Cure of Ulcerated Legs Without Rest Exemplified by a Variety of Cases by William Rowley the Third Edition to Which Are Added Several New Cases and Some Remarkable Cures of Cancerous Ulcers
A Letter to a Noble Lord in Answer to a Letter to a Member of Parliament for Bringing in a Bill to Revise Amend or Repeal Certain Obsolete Statutes Commonly Called the Ten Commandments by Philocles
The Drummer Or the Haunted-House a Comedy by the Late Right Honourable Joseph Addison Esq
A Plain Account of the Old and New Stiles in Which Their Difference Is Deduced from Clear Principles And the Difficulties Attending a Perpetual Reformation of the Calendar Are Shortly Stated and Resolved in a Letter to a Member of Parliament
The Humorous Lieutenant a Tragi-Comedy Written by Mr Francis Beaumont and Mr John Fletcher
The Picture of Love Unveild Being an Answer to One Who Was Very Inquisitive to Know What Love Was Made English from the Latin of Amoris Effigies by John Norris the Third Edition
The Trial of Wm Winterbotham Assistant Preacher at Hows Lane Meeting Plymouth Before the Hon Baron Perryn and a Special Jury at Exeter On the 25th of July 1793 for Seditious Words Second Edition
A Catalogue of a Large and Curious Collection of Books Amongst Which Are a Great Number of Scarce and Uncommon Ones The Books Are in Very Neat Condition Which Will Be Sold on May the 5th 1762 by Thomas Payne
The Mystery of Godliness In a Letter to an Erroneous Man by William Huntington SS
An Answer to a Pamphlet Entitled the Speech of the Earl of Clare on the Subject of a Legislative Union Between Great Britain and Ireland by Henry Grattan Esq Fifth Edition with Considerable Additions
Dipositaire Comidie En Cinq Actes Par Mr de Voltaire Le
The Enchanted Wood a Legendary Drama in Three Acts as Performed at the Theatre Royal Hay-Market
A Letter to the Rt Hon Charles James Fox Upon the Dangerous and Inflammatory Tendency of His Late Conduct in Parliament
The Royal Merchant Or the Beggars Bush a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden Written by Beaumont and Fletcher
The Genuine Tryal of Capt John Porteous Before the High Criminal Court in Scotland For Firing His Own Piece and Ordering the Men Under His Command to Fire Amongst the Spectators 1736 the Second Edition
The Present State of Trinity College in Cambridg [sic] in a Letter from Dr Bentley Master of the Said College to John Lord Bishop of Ely Publishd for General Information by a Gentleman of the Temple
A Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury by Richard Lord Bishop of Landaff
A Catalogue of a Large and Curious Collection of Books Containing Several Libraries Lately Purchasd Likewise a Large Collection of Scarce Pamphlets and Old Plays to Be Sold on Monday January 28 1761 by Thomas Payne
The Bloody Brother Or Rollo a Tragedy Written by Mr Francis Beaumont and Mr John Fletcher
The Reparation a Comedy as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Miles Peter Andrews Esq
The Rival Fools a Comedy Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants Written by Colley Cibber Esq
The Turnpike Gate A Musical Entertainment in Two Acts Now Performing with Universal Applause at the Theatre Royal Covent-Garden by T Knight
Emotional Moments Cheetah UK Version 2019 The fastest mammal in the world in breathtaking images by Ingo Gerlach GDT More at wwwtierphotode
An Address to the Merchants of Great-Britain Or a Review of the Conduct of the Administration with Regard to Our Trade and Navigation Shewing How the Trading Interest Have Been Imposd Upon by the Enemies of the Ministry
Parochial Music Corrected Containing Remarks on the Performance of Psalmody in Country Churches to Which Are Added a Scarce and Valuable Collection of Psalm Tunes by the Late Dr Blow Dr Croft and MR Jeremiah Clarke
National Arithmetick Or Observations on the Finances of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts With Some Hints Respecting Financiering and Future Taxation in This State
Sure and Certain Methods of Attaining a Long and Healthful Life With Means of Correcting a Bad Constitution c Written Originally in Italian by Lewis Cornaro and Made English by W Jones AB
Letters of a Dungannon and Munster Delegate Which Appeared Shortly After the Publication of the Plan of Parliamentary Reform Proposed by the Grand National Convention And Recommended to the Perusal of the Public
Quakerism Struck Speechless Or a Farther Discovery of the Great Mystery of the Little Whore Whose Witchcrafts Are Hereby Farther Laid Open and Unfolded Whereby the Quakers Are Once More Set in Their True Light Part II
A Discourse Upon the Uniting Scotland with England Containing the General Advantage of Such an Union to Both Kingdoms the Several Ways of Uniting Nations
A Second Letter to the Rt Hon Charles James Fox Upon the Dangerous and Inflammatory Tendency of His Late Conduct in Parliament In Which the Principles the Duties and the Composition of Minorities Are Considered
Marmor Norfolciense Or an Essay on an Ancient Prophetical Inscription in Monkish Rhyme Lately Discovered Near Lynn in Norfolk Printed and Published in the Year MDCCXXXIX a New Edition with Notes
Speech of Edmund Burke Esq Member of Parliament for the City of Bristol on Presenting to the House of Common a Plan for the Better Security of the Independence of Parliament the Third Edition
Copy of a Letter from Warren Hastings Esq to the Court of Directors Relative to Their Censure on His Conduct at Benares And Also the Answer of the Court of Directors Thereto
Democratic Principles Illustrated Part the Second Containing an Instructive Essay Tracing All the Horrors of the French Revolution to Their Real Causes The Licentious Politics and Philosophy of the Present Age Fourth Edition
Exemplaria Latino-Anglica Or the True Method of Translating and Imitating the Latin Classics in an Accurate and Elegant Manner Exemplified and Illustrated by Double Translations
An Inquiry Into the Cause Which Obstructed the Reformation and Hath Hitherto Prevented Its Progress And a Few Short Observations Which Prove That the Prophecies Relative to the Corruption of the Christian Church Are Fulfilled
The Complaints of Dublin Humbly Offered to His Excellency William Earl of Harrington Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland by Charles Lucas
Tentamen Sophisticon a Chemical Essay Designed to Shew the Possibility of Applying the Powers of Chemistry to an Examination of Several Productions Liable to Be Sophisticated or Disguised
The Protestant Tutor Instructing Youth and Others in the Compleat Method of Spelling Reading and Writing True English To Which Is Prefixd a Timely Memorial to All True Protestants
Want of Universality No Just Objection to the Truth of the Christian Religion a Sermon Preached Before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts 1730
Heraldry Displayd or Londons Armory Accurately Delineated in an Illustration of All the Arms Crests Supporters and Mottos of Every Distinct Company and Corporate Society in the Honorable City of London
A Defence of the Conduct and Writings of the Rev Arthur OLeary During the Late Disturbances in Munster With a Full Justification of the Irish Catholics and an Account of the Risings of the White-Boys Written by Himself
Andre A Tragedy in Five Acts As Performed by the Old American Company New-York March 30 1798 to Which Are Added Authentic Documents Respecting Major Andre
Truth But No Treason Or Oppression Often the Cause of Rebellion Being a Necessary Caution to the People of Great Britain That They Do Not Whilst They Are Laudably Endeavouring to Keep Out the One Widen the Door for the Other
Proceedings at the Assizes at Thetford 1786 and 1787 in the Trial of William Hurry for Wilful and Corrupt Perjury And in the Action Against John Watson Brought by the Said William Hurry for a Malicious Prosecution
An Essay on Man by Alexander Pope Esq Enlarged and Improved by the Author Together with His Ms Additions and Variations as in the Last Edition of His Works with the Notes of William Lord Bishop of Gloucester
Destin de lAmerique Ou Dialogues Pittoresques Dans Lesquels on Developpe La Cause Des Evenemens Actuels La Politique Et Les Interets Des Puissances de lEurope Relativement a Cette Guerre Traduit Fidelement de lAnglois Le
A Reply to a Pamphlet Entitled the Protestant Flail in Further Vindication of Bishop Taylor
The Constitution and Order of a Gospel Church Considered by J Fawcett AM
The Mourning Bride a Tragedy Written by Mr Congreve Marked with the Variations in the Managers Book at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
An Abstract of the Gracious Dealings of God with Several Eminent Christians in Their Conversion and Sufferings Taken from Authentic Manuscripts and Published for the Comfort and Establishment of Serious Minds by Samuel James the Fourth Edition
The Croonian Lecture on Muscular Motion Read at the Royal Society November 13th and 20th 1788 Corrected and Enlarged
The Prince of Abissinia a Tale in Two Volumes the Second Edition of 2 Volume 1
A Vindication of the Rights of Men in a Letter to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke Occasioned by His Reflections on the Revolution in France by Mary Wollstonecraft the Second Edition
The History of Tom Jones a Foundling by Henry Fielding Esquire of 9 Volume 3
A Defense of the Plea for Human Reason Being a Reply to a Book Entitled a Plea for Divine Revelation in a Letter to the Lord Bishop of London
The Relapse Or Virtue in Danger a Comedy Being the Sequel of the Fool in Fashion Written by Sir John Vanbrugh
The Inquisitor Or Invisible Rambler in Three Volumes by Mrs Rowson of 3 Volume 3
The History of Isaac Jenkins and Sarah His Wife and Their Three Children
A Letter to the Reverend Dr Durell Vicechancellor of the University of Oxford Occasioned by a Late Expulsion of Six Students from Edmund Hall by George Whitefield
An Attempt to Demonstrate the Messiahship of Jesus from the Prophetic History and Chronology of Messiahs Kingdom in Daniel by Richard Parry
An Extract of the Rev Mr John Wesleys Journal from Aug 12 1738 to Nov 1 1739 III
The School for Scandal a Comedy As It Is Acted at the Theatre Smoke-Alley Dublin
The Interest of Hanover Steadily Pursued Since the A-----N Being a Sequel to a Late Pamphlet Intitled the Interest of Great Britain Steadily Pursued in a Letter to the Right Honourable Author by a Broad-Bottom
An Essay on the Gout Wherein Its Particular Symptoms Are Mechanically Accounted For and a Rational Method Proposd to Shorten Its Paroxysms as Well as to Prevent Its Returns by T Garlick
The Guardian a Comedy of Two Acts as It Is Performd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane the Second Edition
Debate on the Repeal of the Test and Corporation Act in the House of Commons March 28th 1787
The Doctrine of Divine Influence on the Human Mind Considered in a Sermon by Joseph Priestley
The Complaint Or Night-Thoughts on Life Death and Immortality with a Paraphrase on Part of the Book of Job By the Late Edward Young LLD with Some Account of His Life a New Edition Improved
The Finishing Stroke Or Mr Ruddiman Self-Condemned Being a Reply to Mr Ruddimans Answer to (Only) Mr Logans First Treatise on Government in Two Parts
Salvation by Grace Through Faith Illustrated and Confirmed in Eight Sermons Preached at Boston in New-England by E Pemberton DD [three Lines of Scripture Texts]
The Benefits and Obligations of the Divine Love in the Redemption of Mankind In Two Sermons Preachd in the Parish-Church of Wrotham in Kent On the 15th and 17th of April by Tho Curteis
Amatory Pieces Hammonds Elegies Epistles by Lord Hervey c c c
False Delicacy A Comedy As It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Hugh Kelly the Fifth Edition
The Timber Tree Improved Or the Best Practical Methods of Improving Different Lands with Proper Timber by William Ellis the Second Edition
Letters to Edward Gibbon Esq by George Travis
Artaserse A New Serious Opera As Performed at the Kings Theatre in the Hay-Market the Music Entirely New by Signor Ferdinando Bertoni the Translation by Mistress Rigaud
Six Sermons on Divers Subjects Preachd at Weymouth by James Blake AB Late of Dorchester Deceased [five Lines of Scripture Texts]
The Harmony of the Three Commissions Or None But Christ by Thomas Tomkinson First Written in the Year of Our Lord God 1692
LArbre de Vie Histoire Veritable En Vers Suivie de Quelques Poesies Legeres M G
The True Crisis Shewing the Name Origin and Power of Parliaments with Their Particular Use and Business by Mr Gordon
Information for Roderick MacLeod of Cadboll Claimant on the Forfeited Estate of Cromarty Against His Majestys Advocate on Behalf of His Majesty
Poems by Oliver Goldsmith Containing the Deserted Village Epitaphs c with the Life of the Author
The Provokd Husband Or a Journey to London a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Smock-Alley Written by the Late Sir John Vanbrugh and Mr Cibber
State of the Process of Declarator of Marriage Charlotte Armstrong c Against John Elliot c
Mentors Letters Addressed to Youth
The Schoolmasters Assistant Being a Compendium of Arithmetic Both Practical and Theoretical in Four Parts to Which Is Prefixt an Essay on the Education of Youth the Third Edition by Thomas Dilworth
An Universal Repository for Enigmatical Critical Philosophical and Mathematical Questions of 3 Volume 3
Mustapha a Tragedy Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants
Cosmotheoros Or Conjectures Concerning the Inhabitants of the Planets Translated from the Latin of Christian Huygens a New Edition Corrected
Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Select Committee on Trinity College Election Case VIII
Paines Second Part of the Age of Reason Answered by James Tytler Author of the Remarks on Paines First Part of the Age of Reason by a Citizen of the World Published at Belfast in Ireland 1794 [five Lines of Scripture Texts]
Letters to a Young Clergyman from the Late Reverend Mr Job Orton [six Lines from Tillotson]
Devout Exercises of the Heart in Meditation and Soliloquy Prayer and Praise by the Late Pious and Ingenious Mrs Rowe Reviewed and Published at Her Request by I Watts DD
Remarks on Mr Gilbert Wakefields Enquiry Into the Expediency and Propriety of Public or Social Worship by Anna Lititia Barbauld the Third Edition
Recueil de Piices Authentiques Pour Servir i lHistoire Des Provinces-Unies
Being an Impartial Enquiry Into the General Conduct of the Administration in a Letter to the Pretended Patriots by a Member of the House of Commons the Second Edition
Considerations on the Present State of England and France by Sir Richard Musgrave
Reasons for Adopting an Union Between Ireland and Great Britain by William Johnson the Second Edition Corrected
The Constitutionalist Or an Enquiry How Far It Is Expedient and Proper to Alter the Constitution of South-Carolina Published Originally in Numbers in the City Gazette and Daily Advertiser by Americanus
Sermons to Asses
Some Original Persian Letters Translated Into English by John Mulock
A Vindication of the Duke of Bedfords Attack Upon Mr Burkes Pension In Reply to a Letter from the Right Hon Edmund Burke to a Noble Lord by Thomas George Street the Second Edition
Letter from Alexander Hamilton Concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John Adams Esq President of the United States Third Edition
Sprinkling the Proper Mode and Infants Proper Subjects of Christian Baptism Illustrated in a Sermon Preached September 7th MDCCXCIV by Nathanael Emmons AM Pastor of the Church in Franklin
Doctor Codex No Christian Or the Liberty of Conscience Justifyd by Scripture And Supported by the Laws of England
Liberty Endangerd In the Persecution and Prosecution of John Burton MD Also a Letter to Andrew Stone Likewise a Critical Encomium on the Works of Mr Charles Lucas by J-N B-N of York MD
A Theologico-Philosophical Dissertation Concerning Worms in All Parts of Human Bodies Containing Several Most Curious and Uncommon Observations in a Letter to a Friend
The Modern Husbandman Or the Practice of Farming for the Month of April by William Ellis
A Letter to the Landholders of Great Britain on the Present Important Crisis Containing Some Interesting Observations to Stockholders by a Friend to the Landed Interest
Priest-Craft Its Character and Consequences by Edmund Hickeringill
Rights of Man Part the First Being an Answer to Mr Burkes Attack on the French Revolution by Thomas Paine Secretary for Foreign Affairs to Congress in the American War and Author of the Work Intitled Common Sense
A Scots Pastoral Comedy By Allan Ramsey
The Measure of Submission to Civil Government An Essay by George Berkeley with a Dedication by the Editor to Dr Beattie
Curious Letters and Papers Concerning the War Betwixt James Marquis of Montrose and the Covenanters In the Reign of Charles I Published from the Originals to Which Is Added an Appendix from Bp Wisharts History
Camilla an Opera as It Is Performd at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane by Her Majestys Servants
Moral Reflections on the Epistles and Gospels of Every Sunday Throughout the Whole Year by W Dorrell [sic] the Sixth Edition of 4 Volume 2
Observations on the Course of Science Taught at Present in Trinity College Dublin with Some Improvements Suggested Therein by the Rev Robert Burrowes
The Oracles of Christ and the Abominations of Antichrist Compared Or a Brief View of the Errors of Popery in a Letter to a Friend
The Amorous Widow Or the Wanton Wife a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Mr Betterton
An Attempt to Vindicate Explain and Enforce the Important Duty of Renewing Our Solemn Covenants In Several Sermons
Or Weekly Miscellany Containing Selected Beauties from All the New Publications Together with a Variety of Original and Fugitive Pieces of 3 Volume 3
Grants of Ballastage to the Corporation of Trinity-House
Divine Poems on Various Subjects by John Auther the Second Edition with Additions to Which Is Prefixed an Elegiac Poem Sacred to the Memory of Philip Doddridge DD in Latin and English
The Busie Body A Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by Her Majestys Servants Written by Mrs Susanna Centlivre
A Scots Comedy Adorned with Cuts by Allan Ramsay
Devout Exercises of the Heart in Meditation and Soliloquy Prayer and Praise by the Late Pious and Ingenious Mrs Elizabeth Rowe Reviewed and Published at Her Request by I Watts DD
Reflexions on an Anonymous Pamphlet Entituled a Discourse of Free Thinking by William Whiston MA the Second Edition
The Admirable Travels of Messieurs Thomas Jenkins and David Lowellin Through the Unknown Tracts of Africa With He [sic] Manner How Lowellin Lived Eight Year [sic] on an Uninhabited Spot
Rights of Man Being an Answer to Mr Burkes Attack [sic] on the French Revolution the Third Edition by Thomas Paine
Aristotles Master-Piece Compleated in Two Parts the First Containing the Secrets of Generation in All the Parts Thereof the Second Part Being a Private Looking Glass for the Female Sex
Yoricks Sentimental Journey Continued to Which Is Prefixed Some Account of the Life and Writings of Mr Sterne of 4 Volume 3
Or the Merchants and Tradesmans Daily Pocket Journal for the Year 1765 Disposed in a Method More Useful and Convenient for All Sorts of Business
Admonitions for Sunday-Schools Written for a Particular Parish and Now Published for General Use by a Layman
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SAINT-MICHEL le mont et la baie 2019 Le Mont Saint-Michel larchange les pelerins les plus grandes marees dEurope
Poems by the Late Thomas Lord Lyttelton to Which Is Added a Sketch of His Lordships Character the Fifth Edition with Corrections and Additions
An Experimental Inquiry Into the Properties of Opium and Its Effects on Living Subjects Being the Disputation Which Gained the Harveian Prize for the Year 1785 by John Leigh MD
Ireland in Tears Or a Letter to St Andrews Eldest Daughters Youngest Son by Major Sawney mCleaver an Officer Upon the Irish Establishment
Moral Reflections and Maxims Written by the Late Duke de la Rochefoucauld Newly Made English from the Paris Edition
A Genuine Account of All the Persons of Note in Scotland Who Are Now Engaged in the Service of the Chevalier Being Designd to Rescue Their Characters from the Misrepresentations of Their Enemies by Captain Andrew Ferguson
A Familiar Explanation of the Law of Wills and Codicils The Law of Executors and Administrators And the Law of Descent and Distribution in Case No Will Is Made Containing Plain and Practical Instructions Ed 5
Rudiments of Taste in a Series of Letters from a Mother to Her Daughters by the Author of the Life of Jacob
Count Rumfords Experimental Essays Political Economical and Philososphical Essay II of the Fundamental Principles on Which General Establishments for the Relief of the Poor May Be Formed
Observations on the Present State and Influence of the Poor Laws Founded on Experience And a Plan Proposed for the Consideration of Parliament By Which the Affairs of the Poor May in Future Be Better Regulated By Robert Saunders Esq
The Tragedy of Marcus Brutus With the Prologue the Two Last Choruss Written by His Grace John Duke of Buckingham
American Independence the Interest and Glory of Great Britain Containing Arguments Which Prove That Not Only in Taxation But in Trade Manufactures and Government
Advice to the Gentlemen in the Army of Her Majestys Forces in Spain and Portugal With a Short Method How to Preserve Their Health And Some Observations Upon Several Distempers Incident to Those Countries
Geography for Children Or a Short and Easy Method of Teaching and Learning Geography Designed Principally for the Use of Schools with a New General Map of the World and Also a List of Maps Necessary for Children
LEsprit Des Imp ts Et de Leur R gime Par Fran ois-Jean Chaubry de la Roche
Observations on the Late and Present Conduct of the French with Regard to Their Encroachments Upon the British Colonies in North America Together with Remarks on the Importance of These Colonies to Great-Britain by William Clarke
Natures Assistant to the Restoration of Health Part I Addressed to Those Afflicted with the Scurvy Part II Recommends Proper Applications for Sprains Part III Contains a Short Treatise on the Venereal Disease
The Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures Asserted and Explained In Three Dissertations I What Scriptures Are Divinely Inspired II in What Sense the Holy Scriptures Are So and III What Proof We Have of It by John Kiddell
Some Observations of the Power and Efficacy of a Medicine Against Loosenesses Bloody Fluxes c by the Late Dr William Cockburn the Second Edition
Short Remarks Upon Autumnal Disorders of the Bowels and on the Nature of Some Sudden Deaths Observed to Happen at the Same Season of the Year Thoughts on the Natural Causes of the Biles Putrescency and Its Noxiousness in the Circulation
Proceedings in a Cause Tried at Westminster Hall on Wednesday Feb 2d 1791 Before Lord Kenyon and a Special Jury Wherein MR Charles Ryland Chief Mate of the Walpole East Indiaman Was Plaintiff
Unraveled Unravel Uncover and Reveal Your Beauty
Dialogues on Personal and Family-Religion Between a Minister and One of His Parishioners to Which Are Added Forms of Prayer for the Family and the Closet Written by Richard Baxter Abridged by Benjamin Fawcett Ma the Second Ed
Memoirs of the Marquis de St Forlaix Translated from the French of Mons Framery by Mrs Brooke of 4 Volume 2
A Defence of the Dissertation on the Eclipse Mentioned by Phlegon Wherein Is Further Shewn That That Eclipse Had No Relation to the Darkness Which Happened at Our Saviours Passion
Maxims of Health Or an Abridgment of an Essay on Indigestion Containing Advice to Persons Afflicted with Indigestion Nervous Bilious Gouty Disorders Head Ach Female Complaints Worms
Poisies de Gray Traduites En Franiais Le Texte Vis-i-VIS La Traduction Avec Des Notes
The Countrymans Treasure Shewing the Nature Causes and Cure of All Diseases Incident to Cattle by James Lambert the Fourth Edition
Observations Made in Savoy in Order to Ascertain the Height of Mountains by Means of the Barometer Being an Examination of Mr de Lucs Rules Delivered in His Recherches Sur Les Modifications de lAtmosphere 1777
Ministers Ought to Please God Rather Than Men a Sermon Preached at the Opening of the Synod of Lothian and Tweddale May 3d 1737 by Mr William Robertson
Divine Agency Necessary to the Propagation of Christianity a Sermon Preached in Glasgow on May 17th Before the Friends of the London Missionary Society to Which Is Added an Appendix Selected from the Evangelical Magazine
Letters of the Late Rev Mr Laurence Sterne to His Most Intimate Friends with a Fragment in the Manner of Rabelais to Which Are Prefixd Memoirs of His Life and Family in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 2
Thoughts on Believers Baptism Being the Substance of Two Sermons Preached in Dublin at the Administration of the Ordinance by James Rutherford
Public Nusance [sic] Considered Under the Several Heads of Bad Pavements Butchers Infesting the Streets with Some Hints Towards Remedy and Amendent Also Some Further Thoughts Relating to Vagrants and Desperate Poor
Remarks on a Pamphlet Entitled a Mirror Drawn from the Proceedings of a General Court Martial on the Trial of an Appeal Brought Before Them by David Blakeney the Third Edition with Additions as Revised and Corrected by the Author
Some Considerations Relative to a Most Extraordinary Trial Which Took Place on the 6th of June 1792 Before Lord Chief Justice Kenyon in Consequence of an Action Brought by Thomas Meade
Virgilius Evangelisans Sive Historia Domini Salvatoris Nostri Jesu Christi Virgilianis Verbis Versibus Descripta Operi Alexandri Rossii Nunc Emendata Republicata Ex Prima Editione
Directions for Warm and Cold Sea-Bathing with Observations on Their Application and Effects in Different Diseases by Thomas Reid
Short But Yet Plain Elements of Geometry Writen [sic] in French by F Ignat Gaston Pardies and Rendred Into English by John Harris MA and FRS the Third Edition in Which Are New Propositions Additions and Improvements
Curi Novissimi Sive Appendicula Notarum Et Emendationum in Suidam in Quibus Plurima Loca Veterum Graecorum Cum Explicantur Tum Emaculantur Scripsit Io Toup
Letters of the Late Rev Mr Laurence Sterne to His Most Intimate Friends with a Fragment in the Manner of Rabelais to Which Are Prefixed Memoirs of His Life and Family in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 1
Advice to Sunday Barbers Against Trimming on the Lords Day Published by the Author Rich Hamersley 1702
The Devout Communicants Assistant Or the Nature and End of the Lords Supper Explained and the Obligation to Partake of It Considered by Alexander Duncan
Cnewyllyn Mewn Gwisg Sef Cnewyllyn Gwirionedd Mewn Gwisg O Gynghanedd Neu Gasgliad O Garolau a Cherddi A Rhai Cywyddau AC Englynion AR Amryw Destynau Pa Rai Ni Buant Argraphedig Or Blaen Gan Robert Davies
Distinct Notions of the Plague with the Rise and Fall of Pestilential Contagion by the Explainer
A Dissertation on the Structure of the Obstetric Forceps Pointing Out Its Defects and Especially of Those with Double Curved Blades At the Same Time Shewing Particularly the Safe Application of Those with Single Curved Blades
Epistola Ad Virum Ornatissimum Johannem Freind in Qua D W Trilleri Epistolam Medico-Criticam Super Primo Tertio Epidemiorum a Viro Ornatissimo Editis Ad Examen Revocavit Johannes King
The Orphan of China a Tragedy as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Crow-Street by Arthur Murphy
The Foundling Hospital for Wit Intended for the Reception and Preservation of Such Brats of Wit and Humour Whose Parents Chuse to Drop Them Number III to Be Continued Occasionally by Timothy Silence Esq
The Case of Ireland Re-Considered in Answer to a Pamphlet Entitled Arguments for and Against an Union Considered
The Life of the Late Earl of Barrymore Including a History of the Wargrave Theatricals and Original Anecdotes of Eminent Persons by Anthony Pasquin Esq
A Description of Buxton and the Adjacent Country Or the New Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen Resorting to That Place of Health and Amusement Compiled by W Bott Buxton Fourth Edition
A Treatise on Bilious Diseases and Indigestion With the Effects of Quassy and Natron in These Disorders by John Gibson MD
A Political and Military Rhapsody on the Invasion and Defence of Great Britain and Ireland Illustrated with Three Copper-Plates by the Late General Lloyd
The Way of the World a Comedy Written by Mr Congreve
The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle in Which Are Included Memoirs of a Lady of Quality in Four Volumes by Dr Smollett of 4 Volume 3
An Essay on the Nature Causes and Cure of the Contagious Distemper Among the Horned Cattle in These Kingdoms by Daniel Peter Layard
The Distrest Mother a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants by Mr Philips
The Sicilian Captive a Tragedy
An Examination of the Late Archdeacon Echards Account of the Marriage-Treaty Between King Charles the Second and Queen Catherine Infanta of Portugal
A Plea for the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ in a Pastoral Letter Addressed to a Congregation of Protestant Dissenters at Cambridge
The Country Wife a Comedy Altered from Wycherley by David Garrick Esq Marked with the Variations of the Managers Book at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
The Most Rev Dr Edward Synge (Late Lord Archbishop of Tuams) Answer to Two Objections Made Against His Charitable Address to All Who Are of the Communion of the Church of Rome a New Edition Corrected
An Essay of the True Nature and Due Method of Treating the Gout Written for the Use of Richard Tennison by Geo Cheyne MD the Fourth Edition Revisd Corrected and Enlargd to More Than Double of the Former
A Treatise of Husbandry on the Improvement of Dry and Barren Lands by Thomas Hitt
The Assembly a Comedy by a Scots Gentleman
A Short Defence of the Doctrine of the Divinity of Christ With Some Remarks Upon a Late Appeal to the Serious and Candid Professors of Christianity the Second Edition to Which Is Added a Supplement
An Account of the Expedition to the West Indies Against Martinico with the Reduction of Guadelupe and Other the Leeward Islands Subject to the French King 1759 the Third Edition
The Mermaid a Farce as Performed at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden
Containing the Construction of the Several Lines Laid Down on the Plain-Scale and Sector the Third Edition Corrected
An Authentick Narrative of the Late Proceedings and Cruel Execution at Thorn with Two Letters Written Upon That Occasion by Britannicus in the London Journal to Which Is Prefixd an Account of the Rights and Privileges of the City of Thorn
Ancient History Epitomized From the Creation of the World to the Birth of Christ Digested Chronologically and Adapted to the Method of the Introduction to Latin Syntax the English Being in One Column and the Latin in Another
Useful Miscellanies Or Serious Reflections Respecting Mens Duty to God and One Towards Another with Advices Civil and Religious Tending to Regulate Their Conduct in the Various Occurrences of Human Life
Poems in Three Parts Part the First the Latin Poetry of the Late Sir William Jones with an English Version Part the Second Literary Characteristicks of the Most Distinguished Members of the Asiastic Society 1799 Part the Third
Angeu a Nefoedd Neur Gelyn Diweddaf Yn Cael Ei Goncwero Yn Cael Ei Gynnyg Mewn Dwy Bregeth Gladdedigaeth Er Coffadwriaeth Am Farwolaeth Sir John Hartopp Yn Saesonaeg Gan I Watts DD AC Wedi Ei Droi Ir Cymraeg Er Lles Ir Cymry Gan Dani
Spiritual Songs Or Songs of Praise to Almighty God Upon Several Occasions Together with the Song of Songs Then Paraphrased in English Verse With an Addition of a Sacred Poem on Dives and Lazarus the Eighth Edition Corrected
A New Experimental Inquiry Into the Nature and Qualities of the Cheltenham Water to Which Are Now Added Observations on Sundry Other Waters With an Appendix on the Mephitic-Alkaline Water Second Edition with Several Additions
Deliverance Out of the Hands of Our Enemies Urged as a Motive to Obedience In the Substance of Two Sermons Preached at Northampton 1745-6 on Occasion of the Precipitate Flight of the Rebels from Stirling a Few Days Before
A Chemical Dissertation on the Thermal Waters of Pisa and on the Neighbouring Acidulous Spring of Asciano With an Historical Sketch of Pisa and a Meteorological Account of Its Weather by John Nott MD
Description of the Plain of Troy With a Map of That Region Delineated from an Actual Survey Read in French Before the Royal Society of Edinburgh by the Author M Chevalier
Lay-Nonconformity Farther Justifyd Containing a Reply to a Late Pamphlet the Lay-Mans Pleas for Separation from the Church of England Answerd
Remarks Upon a Pamphlet Written by the Rev Mr Caleb Fleming in a Letter of Admonition to the Rev Mr Samuel Pike No Protestant Popery with Some Strictures Upon the Remarkables in Mr Flemings Scale of First Principles
A View of the State of School-Education in Ireland Wherein the Numerous Errors and Defects of the Present System Are Fully Exposed And the Necessity of Adopting a New One Clearly Demonstrated
Counsel to the Christian-Traveller Also Meditations and Experiences Made Publick as a Testimony to the Right Way of God the Fourth Edition to Which Is Added a Treatise Concerning Thoughts and Imaginations
Additional Observations on the Nature and Value of Civil Liberty and the War with America Also Observations on Schemes for Raising Money by Public Loans An Historical Deduction and Analysis of the National Debt
Or the Overthrow of the Papal Tyranny in France the Prelude of Destruction to Popery and Despotism But of Peace to Mankind the First American Edition [seven Lines of Scripture Texts]
Some Observations on a Small Pamphlet Published by the Reverend Mr John Lewis Entitled a Vindication of the Ancient Britains and the Pighards of Bohemia Also a Short Remark on That Part of the Church Catechism Relating to Baptism
Propagation of the Gospel in the East Being an Account of the Success of the Danish Missionaries Sent to the East-Indies for the Conversion of the Heathen in Malabar
A Defence of the Episcopal Government of the Church Containing Remarks on Two Late Noted Sermons on Presbyterian Ordination [five Lines of Scripture Texts]
Memoires Du C l bre Nain Joseph Boruwlaski Gentilhomme Polonois Contenant Un R cit Fidelle Et Curieux de Sa Naissance de Son Education de Son Mariage Et de Ses Voyages Ecrits Par Lui-M me Rev s Corrig s Et Augment s Imprim s Londr
An Answer to the Remarks of Mr John Norman of Portsmouth on a Sermon Preached at Petersfield1722 Wherein the Apostolical Institution of Episcopacy Is Vindicated from His Exceptions And the Nature of Church Communion
The Import of the Saints Confession That the Times of Men Are in the Hand of God Exhibited to View in an Anniversary Eucharistical and Half-Century Sermon Delivered at East-Hampton on the Lords Day January 1 1792
Spiritual Songs Or Songs of Praise with Penitential Cries to Almighty God Upon Several Occasions Together with the Song of Songs First Turned Then Paraphrased in English Verse the Fourteenth Edition Corrected
Plain and Practical Lectures on Each Chapter of the Gospels Partly Selected from Authors But Chiefly Original Delivered to the Children of a Sunday School by a Country Clergyman
Original Poems in English and Latin with an Appendix Containing a Dissertation c and Some Remarks on the Epistle to the Colossians by Joseph Beaumont DD to Which Is Prefixed an Account of His Life and Writings
Translations of Some Odes and Epistles of Horace the Answer of Proteus to Aristaeus in Virgils 4th Georgic Pharaohs Overthrow or a Poetical Paraphrase on the 14th and 15th Chapters of Exodus and Two Original Poems by John Gray
A Companion to the Altar Shewing the Nature and Necessity of a Sacramental Preparation in Order to Our Worthy Receiving the Holy Communion the Thirteenth Edition
Rules for the French Pronunciation Proposed for the Use of the Academy of Dundee by Henry Tourner
Tracts Printed and Published by the Unitarian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and the Practice of Virtue of 13 Volume 8
Edinburgh Almanack for the Year MDCCL
Poems on Several Occasions Written by Catherine Livingston
The Sum of Christianity Or Christ in His Sufferings and in His Glory Represented in Some Sermons Preached on 1 Pet I 11 by Mr James Burnet
Elementa Linguae Graecae Novis Plerumque Regulis Tradita Brevitate Sua Memoriae Facilibus Editio Sexta Prioribus Auctior Et Emendatior Studio Jacobi Moor
The Judgments of God Upon Ireland or Sickness and Famine Gods Visitation For the Sins of the Nation the Second Edition
The Gradual Conquest Or Heaven Won by Little and Little Two Sermons Preached at Carnock July 3d 1727 by Mr Ralph Erskine
Vraie Maionnerie dAdoption Pricidie de Quelques Riflexions Sur Les Loges Irreguliires Sur La Sociiti Civile Avec Des Notes Critiques Philosophiques La Et Suivie de Cantiques Maionniques Didiie Aux Dames Par Un Chevalier de Tous Les
Virtue Betrayd Or Anna Bullen A Tragedy the Fourth Edition Corrected by John Banks
The Whole Duty of Woman Or a Complete System of Female Morality Under the Following Heads Introduction Religion
Remarks Upon the Lord Bishop of Bangors Sermon Entituled the Nature of the Kingdom or Church of Christ Humbly Addressd to His Lordship by Robert Marsden the Third Edition
Sermons on Several Subjects Preachd at the Presbyterian Church in the City of New-York by E Pemberton
Gurneys Easy and Compendious System of Shorthand Adapted to the Arts and Sciences and to the Learned Professions Improved by Thomas Sergeant [iE Sarjeant] Second American Edition [four Lines of Verse]
Moral Sketches for Young Minds
Paul Et Virginie Par Jacques-Bernardin-Henri de Saint-Pierre Nouvelle Edition Revue Et Corrigie
Letters to William Wilberforce Esq MP on the Doctrine of Hereditary Depravity by a Layman [two Lines from Pope]
The Salisbury Guide Giving an Account of the Antiquities of Old Sarum and of the Ancient and Present State of the City of New Sarum Its Fairs Markets the Sixth Edition Corrected and Considerably Enlarged
Sir John Fieldings Jests Or New Fun for the Parlour and Kitchen Among Which Are Particularly Noticed All Those Jokes That Have Passed Upon Various Examinations at the Public Office
Truths Testimony and a Testimony of Truths Appearing in Power Life Light and Glory with the Authors Call and Conversion to the Truth with an Appeal to His Highness Oliver Lord Protector as a General Redress for All People
Life Or the Adventures of William Ramble Esq with Three Frontispieces Designed by Ibbetson and Two New and Beautiful Songs with the Music by Pleyel and Sterkel in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 1
de Launes Plea for the Non-Conformists Shewing the True State of Their Case and How Far the Conformists Separation from the Church of Rome Justifies the Non-Conformists Separation from Them
New Elements of Optics Or the Theory of the Aberrations Dissipation and Colours of Light Of the General and Specific Refractive Powers and Densities of Mediums The Properties of Single and Compound Lenses
The Nature Cause and Symptoms of the Gout As Stated by Dr Sydenham Cheyne from Which Is Rationally Deduced Its Direct and Perfect Cure Also an Account of the Action of Certain Remedies That Can Affect the Same the Second Edition
Plan of Proceeding Octavo First Part Holmes Tract on Bodies Corporate Generally Those in Exeter Specially Which Includes the Novel County-Rates Exeter 1799 Second Part Holmes Epitome of Political History
An Appeal to Popular Opinion Against Kidnapping Murder Including a Narrative of the Late Atrocious Proceedings at Yarmouth Second Edition With a Postscript Containing a Particular Account of the Outrages at Lynn and Wisbeach
A Letter to the People of Scotland in Order to Remove Their Prejudice to the Book of Common Prayer to Which Is Added an Appendix Wherein Are Answerd Two Late Pamphlets Calld Dialogues Between a Curate and a Country-Man
LEvangile Du Jour Contenant lExamen de la Nouvelle Histoire de Henri IV de M de Bury Par M Le Marquis de B*** Lu Dans Une Siance dAcadimie Avec Des Notes lA B C En Seize Entretiens
Christian Preaching and Ministerial Service Considered in a Sermon Preached at St Ives in Huntingtonshire at the Ordination of the Reverend Mr John Jennings 1742 to Which Is Added a Charge Delivered on the Same Occasion
Christ the Most Beloved Son of God to Be Heard in His Message to Men a Sermon Preachd June 25 1727 and Applied to the Death of Our Late Most Gracious Sovereign George I and the Accession of His Present Majesty George II
The Great Oracle Or the Main Frame and Body of the Scriptures Resolving the Question Whether in Mans Free-Will and Common Grace or in Gods Grace Stands the Safety of Man and the Glory of God by Mans Safety
A Treatise of the Cataract and Glaucoma In Which the Specific Distinctions of Those Two Diseases and the Existence of Membranous Cataracts Are Clearly Demonstrated
A Practical Treatise on the Gonorrhoea Recommending the Use of Injection as the Most Speedy and Efficacious Method of Cure To Which Are Added Letters Approving the Authors New Mode of Administering Mercury the Fourth Edition
The Riches and Extent of Free Grace Displayed In Three Letters from a Young Gentleman in Edinburgh to His Friends in the Country Found in His Cabinet After His Death
A Discourse on the Emigration of British Birds Or This Question at Last Solvd Whence Come the Stork and the Swallow Also a Copious Relation of Winter Birds of Passage Also Reflections on the Annual Migration of Birds
Observations on the Signs and Duties of the Present Times With Some Account of a Society of Clergymen in London Who Have Agreed to Preach in Each Others Churches and Chapels on This Important Subject And a Summary of Their Views
Sailing Directions for the Kattegat to Be Used with the New Improved Chart Containing Descriptions of the Lights Soundings Grounds and Shoals Published from the Royal Danish Marine Archives
Union or Separation Written Some Years Since by the Rev Dr Tucker and Now First Published in This Tract Upon the Same Subject the Great Objections Urged at a Meeting of the Irish Bar Are Distinctly Considered and Confuted
A Sermon in Defence of Sunday Schools In Which Is Shewn the Present State of These Institutions in Manchester Salford Preached at St Marys Church Manchester October 22d and at Trinity Church Salford December 3d 1797
Jordans Elixir of Life and Cure for the Spleen Or a Collection of All the Songs Sung by Mrs Jordan Since Her First Appearance in London with Many Other Favourite Songs Sung by Her to Which Is Prefixed
Propagation of the Gospel A Farther Account of the Success of the Danish Missionaries Sent to the East-Indies for the Conversion of the Heathens in Malabar from the Letters of Missionaries Beginning of the Year MDCCXIII
Good Men Dismissd in Peace a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Late Reverend David Jennings DD Preached to the Church of Which He Was Pastor September 26 1762 by Samuel Morton Savage
Select Psalms and Hymns for the Use of Churches in Dudley c the Second Edition to Which Is Added a Supplement
Remarks on a Late Publication Intitled a Scriptural Confutation of the Arguments Against the One Godhead of the Father Son and Holy Ghost Produced by the Reverend Mr Lindsey in His Late Apology
The Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ from Heaven Being the Subject of a Discourse Delivered June 19 1792 in the Parish Church of Martham Norfolk at the Funeral of the Rev Thomas Bowman by Stephen Webster
Three Letters to a Lover of Truth Or an Answer to Sacred Politics by Melvill Horne
Religious Education of Poor Children Recommended A Sermon Preached in the Parish-Church of Christ-Church London on Thursday May the 17th 1759 To Which Is Annexed an Account of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Christ the Standard of Truth Set Up by the Light of the Morning Star the Principle of Truth And Satan the Son of Perdition Revealed by the Same Light by Dorothy Gott Author of the Midnight Cry
Three Dissertations on Life and Death by William Jones
A Confutation of the Charge of Deism Wherein the Christian and Orthodox Sentiments of William Penn Are Fully Demonstrated by Extracts from His Own Writings
The Life of God in the Soul of Man Or the Nature and Excellency of the Christian Religion to Which Is Added an Account of the Beginnings and Advances of a Spiritual Life with a Preface by G Burnet
Prayers for the Use of Families by William Enfield
Dr Burnets Appendix to the Ninth Chapter of the State of the Dead Concerning the Two Resurrections and of the Future Restauration of the Jews Published from the Authors Latin Original by Francis Wilkinson Esq Translated by Mr Foxton
Thomas Beavens Vindication of His Second Thoughts Relating to the Quakers Considered Being an Answer to a Late Pamphlet Abusively Entituld the High Priest of Melkesham c by Bohun Fox
A Fathers Instructions to His Children Consisting of Tales Fables and Reflections Designed to Promote the Love of Virtue a Taste for Knowledge and an Early Acquaintance with the Works of Nature
Hymns and Spiritual Songs Intended for the Use of Real Christians of All Denominations Published by John and Charles Wesley the Twenty-Fourth Edition
Subjects of Religion Illustrated in Extracts from the Sermons of the Late Dr Jortin To Which Are Added Occasional Prayers
The Law of Truth Or the Obligations of Reason Essential to All Religion to Which Are Prefixed Some Remarks Supplemental to a Late Tract Entitled Divine Rectitude
Eleothriambos or the Triumph of Mercy in the Chariot of Praise a Treatise of Preventing Secret Unexpected Mercies with Some Mixt Reflexions [two Lines from Psalms]
The Christian Hero An Argument Proving That No Principles But Those of Religion Are Sufficient to Make a Great Man the Third Edition
Subscription of the Confession of Faith of the Church of Scotland Consistent with Liberty of Conscience Or an Attempt to Vindicate It from the Misrepresentations of Those Who Maintain the Contrary by David Lamont
State of the Process of Division of the Common Muirs or Commonries of Reddingrig and Whitesiderig Lying in the Shire of Stirling 1763
Ichabod Or a Discourse Shewing What Cause There Is to Fear That the Glory of the Lord Is Departing from New-England Delivered in Two Sermons by Increase Mather [eight Lines of Scripture Texts]
The Life and Transactions of James Sharp Arch Bishop of St Andrews Giving a Particular Account of His Betraying the Church of Scotland in Which Is Interspersed an Account of the Battle of Pentland-Hills
Die and Be Damned or an Antidote Against Every Species of Methodism And Enthusiasm the Second Edition Revised and Enlarged by the Author T Mortimer
Il Filosofo Di Campagna a Comic Opera As Performed at the Kings Theatre in the Hay-Market
Sunday Thoughts Containing the Publick Family and Solitary Duties by Moses Browne the Second Edition
The Battle of Flodden-Field Which Was Fought Between the English and the Scots an Heroic Poem in Nine Fits or Parts Collected from Antient Manuscripts by Joseph Benson
The Devout Souls Daily Exercise In Prayers Contemplations and Praises by R Parker DD the Seventh Edition
Time and the End of Time in Two Discourses by John Fox
Decerpta Ex P Ovidii Nasonis Metamorphosein Libris Notis Anglicis Illustrata a Gulielmo Willymotto Editio Nova Multarum Fabularum Additione Cum Notis Itidem Anglicis Ad Exemplum D Willymoti Locupletata in Usum Scholarum
The Present Interest of the People of Great Britain at Home and Abroad Considerd In a Letter to a Member of Parliament
A Brief and Plain Explication of the Catechism of the Church of England for the Use and Benefit of Families by Pet Hewit
Mr Taylors Case Stated or a Just Reply to a Book Intituled a Vindication of Mr John Taylor Minister of Wamfray Wherein the Conduct of the Synod of Drumfries in Deposing the Said Mr Taylor Is Clearly Vindicated
A Woman Keeps a Secret a Comedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane by Her Majestys Servants Written by the Author of the Gamester
The Genius of Kent Or County Miscellany For Open to All Parties---Biassed by None
Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of James Earl of Moray Apparent Heir of Tailzie in the Estate of Balnagowan
Much May Be Said on Both Sides a Familiar Dialogue Between Dick and Jack Formerly School-Fellows by R Cleithron Esq
The Laws and Judicatures of Scotland Vindicated from the Calumnies and False Reasonings Containd in a Late Pamphlet Intitled the Case of the Forfeited Estates in Scotland Considerd In a Letter to a Noble L-D
Gods Truth Vindicated Against Mans Lies Or an Answer to a Virulent Pamphlet Called Reflections on a Dialogue Between a Calvinistical Preacher and a Thief by J Gailhard Gent the Second Edition
Three Practical Essays on Baptism Confirmation and Repentance Containing Full Instructions for a Holy Life by Samuel Clarke
A Poem by J White in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 2
Almoran and Hamet An Oriental Tale in Two Volumes the Second Edition of 2 Volume 1
Practical Dissertations on Nervous Complaints and Other Diseases Incident to the Human Body With an Historical Investigation of Their Causes and Cure In Which Are Interspersed Some Singular Cases by Mr Neale
Mercury Stark Naked a Series of Letters Addressed to Dr Beddoes Stripping That Poisonous Mineral of Its Medical Pretensions by Isaac Swainson
Report of a Survey of the River Thames Between Reading and Isleworth And of Several Lines of Canals Projected to Be Made Between Those Places With Observations on Their Comparative Eligibility by John Rennie Civil Engineer
The Description and Use of a Complete Sett or Case of Pocket-Instruments Containing the Construction of the Several Lines Laid Down on the Plain-Scale and Sector by William Webster the Fourth Edition Corrected
Occasional Thoughts on the Present German War by the Author of Considerations on the Same Subject
And the Continuation Thereof by Eugenius the Four Volumes Complete in One a New Edition of 4 Volume 1
A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy by Mr Yorick And the Continuation Thereof by Eugenius the Four Volumes Complete in One a New Edition of 4 Volume 4
The Good Samaritan Or Complete English Physician Containing Observations on the Most Frequent Diseases of Men and Women Infants and Children by Dr Lobb
The Chimera Or the French Way of Paying National Debts Laid Open Being an Impartial Account of the Proceedings in France for Raising a Paper Credit and Settling the Mississipi Stock
de Morbis Virginum Quibusdam a Mensium Vitiis Oriundis Tentamen Inaugurale Quod Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Henricus Harris
Tentamen Medicum Inaugurale Quidam Complectens de Morbis Ex Graviditate Pendentibus Quod Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Gulielmus Lecky
Observations on the Poisonous Vegetables Which Are Either Indigenous in Great-Britain or Cultivated for Ornament by B Wilmer Surgeon
Letter from an Officer in India to His Correspondent in England
Outlines of an Answer to Dr Priestleys Disquisitions Relating to Matter and Spirit by the Rev Richard Gifford
Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Tetano Quam Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit J P Rennalls
An Historical Narrative of the Great and Terrible Fire of London Sept 2nd 1666 With Some Parallel Cases and Occasional Notes
Essay II on the Nature and Principles of Public Credit Containing an Investigation of the Natural Laws and Principles of Circulation
Description Use and Method of Adjusting Hadleys Quadrant and Sextant by George Adams
Remarks on the Speech of M Dupont Made in the National Convention of France on the Subjects of Religion and Public Education by Hannah More
Love After Enjoyment Or Fatal Constancy a Novel
An Essay on Inspiration Considered Chiefly with Respect to the Evangelists by Gilbert Wakefield
Essays on Various Subjects In Which Some Characters of the Present Age Are Introduced
Anticipation Containing the Substance of His M---------Ys Most Gracious Speech to Both H------S of P---- I-----T on the Opening of the Approaching Session the Second Edition
Reasons for Establishing the Colony of Georgia with Regard to the Trade of Great Britain the Increase of Our People and the Employment and Support It Will Afford with an Account of the Country the Second Edition
Two Discourses Whereof the First Is an Exhortation to the Strict Observance of Ash-Wednesday the Second a Defence of Those Who Keep Lent and Observe the Other Fasts of the Church
Psalms Hymns Anthems Used in the Chapel of the Hospital for the Maintenance Education of Exposed Deserted Young Children
And Also Some Rules Calculations for Those Who Will Bet the Odds Cases Stated References to Cases the Fifth Edition with Great Additions
A System of Rhetorick in a Method Entirely New Containing All the Tropes and Figures Necessary to Illustrate the Classicks for the Use of Schools to Which Is Added the Art of Rhetorick Made Easy Or the Elements of Oratory
Reflections on Mr Hanways Report to the General Court of the Marine Society of the 21st of July 1785 and the Resolutions Thereon Proving the Necessity of a Peace Establishment for Instructing Poor and Distressed Boys
Dialogue Between a Baptist and a Churchman Occasioned by the Baptists Opening a New Meeting-House in Birmingham Containing a Defence of the First Part And a Vindication of the Rights of Christian Ministers Part the Second
Bona Mors Or the Art of Dying Happily in the Congregation of Jesus Christ Crucifyd and of His Condoling Mother to Which Is Annexd the Rosary of Our Blessed Lady the Tenth Edition
The Whole Duty of a Christian Plainly Represented in Three Practical Essays on Baptism Confirmation and Repentance Containing Full Instructions for a Holy Life by Samuel Clark the Second Edition
Or Night-Thoughts on Life Death and Immortality to Which Is Added a Paraphrase on Part of the Book of Job of 2 Volume 2
Or a Guide to the Female Sex from the Age of Sixteen to Sixty c Written by a Lady the Fourth Edition
Free and Candid Reflections Occasioned by the Late Additional Duties on Sugars and on Rum Submitted to the Consideration of the British Ministry the Members of Both Houses of Parliament
Street-Robberies The Reason of Their Being So Frequent with Probable Means to Prevent em a Warning for Travellers Observations on House-Breakers a Caveat for Shop-KeepersWritten by a Converted Thief
State of the Public Debts and of the Annual Interest and Benefits Paid for Them As They Will Stand on the 5th of January 1783 Likewise January 5 1784 Fourth Edition to Which Is Now First Added a Postscript
Musical Relicks of the Welsh Bards Preserved by Tradition and Authentic Manuscripts to the Bardic Tunes Are Added Variations for the Harp Harpsichord Violin or Flute the Second Edition of 2 Volume 2
Cydymaith Mewn Cystudd Neu Hyfforddiwr Trwy Ddyffryn Marwolaeth O Gasgliad Peter Williams
Observations on the Treatment of the Negroes in the Island of Jamaica Including Some Account of Their Temper and Character with Remarks on the Importation of Slaves from the Coast of Africa in a Letter to a Physician in England
The Drawing School for Little Masters and Misses Containing the Most Easy and Concise Rules for Learning to Draw Without the Assistance of a Teacher
Without Which No Man Can Be Saved Being the Substance of Four Sermons Preachd at Black-Fryars by S Wright the Second Edition Corrected
Miss Mary Blandys Own Account of the Affair Between Her and Mr Cranstoun from the Commencement of Their Acquaintance in the Year 1746 to the Death of Her Father in August 1751 to Which Is Added an Appendix
Antiquities of London and Environs Engravd Publishd by J T Smith Dedicated to Sir James Winter Lake Containing Many Curious Houses Monuments Statues Never Before Publishd and Also from Original Drawings
Tables of Interest from One Pound to Five Hundred Millions for One Day to the Above Are Added Tables Which Have Been Formed with a View to Expedite the Business of Those Who Deal in Goods That Are Sold by the Hundred Weight
Female Fortitude Exemplifyd in an Impartial Narrative of the Seizure Escape and Marriage of the Princess Clementina Sobiesky as It Was Particulary Set Down by Mr Charles Wogan Who Was a Chief Manager in That Whole Affair
An Apology for the Church of England and Vindication of Her Learned Clergy Or the Clergymans Free Gift to Mr Woolston
The Christian Religion Founded on Reason Two Essays on Natural and Revealed Religion Some Particular Considerations on the Doctrines of the Trinity the Fall the Resurrection and Eternal Punishment
General View of the Agriculture of the County of Northumberland with Observations on the Means of Its Improvement by Mr John Bailey and Mr George Culley Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement
Some Choice Select Meditations on I the Nature of the Gospel II the Necessity and Advantages of Faith III the Gospel-Privilege of Justification Faithfully Printed from the Original Manuscript
Miscellanies by the Reverend Dr Smalridge (Now Lord Bishop of Bristol) Viz I a Speech to the Upper House of Convocation II Two Speeches in the Theatre at Oxford III a Poem on the Death of Queen Anne
Eternal Misery the Necessary Consequence of Mercy Abused a Sermon in Which Is Demonstratively Proved from the Attribute of Gods Mercy That the Punishments of the Reprobate in a Future State Must Be Eternal the Second Edition
Salvation by Jesus Christ Alone Asserted and Vindicated and the Objections Made Against It by Some Modern Unbelievers Fully Considered and Answered In Two Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford 1731-2 the Fourth Edition
The Art of Painting in Oil Wherein Is Included Each Particular Circumstance Relating to That Art and Mystery Containing the Best and Most Approved Rules for Preparing Mixing and Working of Oil-Colours the Fifth Impression
Impartial Reflections on the Minute Which the Author Received from the Ministers of the Calvinistical Baptist Board by the Hands of Mess Gill and Brine as an Answer to His Late Proposal for an Accommodation
Anticipation of the Freedom of Brabant with the Expulsion of the Austrian Troops from That Country With Some Remarks on the Future Extension of the French Frontier to the Rhine
High Treason!! Narrative of the Arrest Examinations Before the Privy Council and Imprisonment of PT Lemaitre Accused of Being a Party in the Pop-Gun Plot Or a Pretended Plot to Kill the King Second Edition
Memoirs of the Revolution in Bengal Anno Dom 1757 by Which Meer Jaffeir Was Raised to the Government of That Province Together with Those of Bahar and Orixa Collected from Original Letters and Papers
Dr Trapp Tryd and Cast And Allowd to the 10th of May Next to Recant Being Some Remarks on a Late Book Intitled the Nature Folly Sin and Danger the Second Edition with a PostScript in Vindication of Mr Whitefield
Orange Vindicated in a Reply to Theobald mKenna Esq with Observations on the New and Further Claims of the Catholics a New Edition Sixth Edition Revised and Enlarged with Notes by the Author
Vinum Britannicum Or an Essay on the Properties and Effects of Malt Liquors Wherein Is Considered in What Cases and to What Constitutions They Are Either Beneficial or Injurious
Nomenclator Classicus Sive Dictionariolum Trilingue a Classical Nomenclator with the Gender and Declension of Each Word and the Quantities of the Syllables by John Ray the Sixth Edition Carefully Revised and Corrected
Thoughts on Dreaming Wherein the Notion of the Sensory and the Opinion That It Is Shut Up from the Inspection of the Soul in Sleep Are Examined Occasioned by an Essay on the Phoenomenon of Dreaming
The Nations Reproach and the Churchs Grief Or a Serious and Needful Word of Advice to Those Who Needlessly Frequent Taverns and Publick Houses and Often Spend the Evening There in a Letter to My Neighbours and Countrymen
Phidri Aug Liberti Fabularum isopiarum Libri Quinque Item Fabuli Quidam Ex Ms Veteri i Marquardo Gudio Descripti Cum Indice Vocum Locutionum Appendicis Loco Adjiciuntur Fabuli Grici Quidam Latini Ex Variis Authoribus Collecti Quas
An Account of the Scarlet Fever and Sore Throat Or Scarlatina Anginosa Particularly as It Appeared at Birmingham in the Year 1778 the Second Edition Also Some Remarks on the Nature and Cure of the Ulcerated Sore Throat
Popish Idolatry A Discourse Delivered in the Chapel of Harvard-College in Cambridge New-England May 8 1765 at the Lecture Founded by the Honorable Paul Dudley Esquire [seven Lines of Scripture Texts]
Narrative of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton KB Relative to His Conduct During Part of His Command of the Kings Troops in North America Second Edition
A Treatise on the Teeth the Cause of Their Decay Pointed Out and Their Various Diseases Enumerated To Which Is Added the Most Effectual Method of Treating the Disorders of the Teeth and Gums
Common Sense Addressed to the Inhabitants of America on the Following Interesting Subjects a New Edition with Several Additions to Which Is Added an Appendix Together with an Address to the People Called Quakers
Prydferthwch Sancteiddrwydd Yn y Weddi Gyffredin Mewn Pedair Pregeth O Waith y Parchedig Tho Bisse DD a Chyfieithad Theophilus Evans
Piety the Best Portion Or Gold and Grace Weighed in the Balance the Second Edition with Considerable Alterations Originally Composed by Mr William Herbert VDM Now Revised and Corrected by J T
Mr Bayles Prophesy Fulfilled in Luther Junior His Last Stroke to Compleat the Reformation Ivalidating [sic] the Title of Ecclesiastical Estates the Second Edition
General View of the Agriculture of the County of Essex with Observations on the Means of Its Improvement Drawn Up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement
Some Thoughts Concerning Religion Natural and Revealed and the Manner of Understanding Revelation Tending to Shew That Christianity Is Indeed Very Near as Old as the Creation the Second Edition
The Heavenly Footman Or a Description of the Man That Gets to Heaven Together with the Way He Runs In the Marks He Goes By by John Bunyan
Memoirs of the Life Travels and Transactions of the Reverend Mr George Kelly from His Birth to Escape from His Imprisonment Out of the Tower of London October 26 1736
Lectures on the Catechism of the Church of England With a Discourse on Confirmation by Thomas Secker Published from the Original Manuscripts by Beilby Porteus DD and George Stinton of 2 Volume 2
I Viaggiatori Tornati in Italia The Travellers Returnd to Italy A Comic Opera As Performed at the Kings-Theatre in the Hay-Market the Music Entirely New by Signor Pietro Guglielmi
Self-Imployment in Secret Containing I an Enquiry Into the State of His Soul III Memorials for Practice Left Under the Hand-Writing of Mr John Corbet with a Prefatory Epistle by the Late John Howe
Two Discourses I on the Necessity of the Knowledge of the Law of God in Order to the Knowledge of Sin II a Particular and Critical Inquiry Into the Cause by Samuel Hopkins
Vocabularium Parvum Anglo-Latinum in Usum Puerulorum Qui Prima Latini Lingui Tyrocinia Faciunt = a Little Vocabulary English and Latin for the Use of Little Children That Begin to Learn the Latin Tongue
Methodism and Popery Dissected and Compared And the Doctrines of Both Proved to Be Derived from a Pagan Origin Including an Impartial and Candid Enquiry Into the Writings of St Paul
Grammatical Institutes Or an Easy Introduction to Dr Lowths English Grammar Designed for the Use of Schools with an Appendix Containing I the Declension of Irregular and Defective Verbs a New Edition Revised
The Gentlemans and Builders Repository Or Architecture Displayd Containing the Most Useful and Requisite Problems in Geometry the Third Edition Carefully Revised
Nazarenus Or Jewish Gentile and Mahometan Christianity Containing the History of the Antient Gospel of Barnabas Also the Original Plan of Christianity with the Relation of an Irish Manuscript of the Four Gospels by Mr Toland
The Principles of the Christian Religion Explained In a Clear and Easy Comment on the Several Questions of Our Church Catechism by a Clergyman of the Church of Ireland
High-Church Doctrine Provd to Be Popish and Inconsistent Or Reflections on Mr Trapps Sermon Entitled the Real Nature of the Church or Kingdom of Christ Containing a Full Answer
A New System of Agriculture Or a Plain Easy and Demonstrative Method of Speedily Growing Rich Proving by Undeniable Arguments That Every Land-Owner in England May Advance His Estate to a Double Value
Pr lectiones Chymic In Quibus Omnes Fere Operationes Chymic Ad Vera Principia Ipsius Natur Leges Rediguntur a Johanne Freind Editio Altera Priore Emendatior Cui Accedit Appendix
The Lutrin An Heroi-Comical Poem in Six Cantos by Monsieur Boileau to Which Is Prefixd Some Account of the Authors Writings and This Translation By N Rowe Esq The Third Edition
A Third Letter to the Author of the Confessional Containing Remarks on the Three Last Chapters of That Book
Gods Goodness Visible in Our Deliverance from Popery with Some Fit Methods to Prevent the Further Growth of It in Ireland in a Sermon Preached at Christ-Church Dublin 1733 the Fifth Edition
Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty the Principles of Government and the Justice and Policy of the War with America to Which Is Added an Appendix and Postscript Containing a State of the National Debt the Sixth Edition
The Chace a Poem by William Somervile Esq the Fourth Edition
Letters of the Late Rev Mr Laurence Sterne to His Most Intimate Friends to Which Are Prefixed Memoirs of His Life and Family Written by Himself and Published by His Daughter Mrs Medalle of 3 Volume 3
The Triumph of Sovereign Grace or a Brand Pluckt Out of the Fire Being the Substance of a Funeral Discourse Preached at Bacop May 23 1742 on Occasion of the Death of Lau Britliffe Who Was Executed at Lancaster
A Protest Against T Paines Rights of Man Addressed to the Members of a Book Society the Second Edition with Corrections and Additions
A Short Treatise on the Law of Bills of Exchange Cash Bills and Promissory Notes by John Bayley
An Historical Account of the Privileges of the College of Justice
A Particular Account of the Rickets in Children And Remarks on Its Analogy to the Kings Evil With Directions How to Cure Such Diseased Infants in an Easy and Efficacious Manner Also Precepts for the Prevention of Diseases
Sketch of a Political Tour Through Rochester Chatham Maidstone Gravesend c Including Reflections on the Tempers and Dispositions of the Inhabitants of Those Places
Lessons to a Young Prince on the Present Disposition in Europe to a General Revolution the Third Edition with the Addition of a Lesson on the Mode of Studying and Profiting by Reflections on the French Revolution
A Complete System of Family Book-Keeping with the Family Book Itself Ready Ruled and Titled to Be Continued Annually by A Walker
The Prudent Housewife Or Complete English Cook for Town and Country Being a Collection of the Most Genteel and Least Expensive Receipts in Every Branch of Cookery a Treasure of Valuable Medicines Crowns the Whole of This Work
Remarks on a Treatise Entituled a Plain Account of the Nature End and Use of the Sacrament of the Lords-Supper In Which All the Texts in the New Testament Which Relate to It Are Producd and Explaind
Edwins Pills to Purge Melancholy Containing All the Songs Sung by Mr Edwin Since His First Appearance in London with an Humourous Account of Mrs Siddonss First Reception in Dublin the Third Edition
The Charitable Surgeon Or the Best Remedies for the Worst Maladies Reveald Being a New and True Way of Curing (Without Mercury) the Several Degrees of the Venereal Distemper in Both Sexes the Second Edition with Additions
Medicina Gerocomica Or the Galenic Art of Preserving Old Mens Healths Explaind by Sir John Floyer the Second Edition Corrected to Which Is Added a Letter to the Honble Mr Ch----- St-----
A Plan of Lectures on the Principles of Nonconformity for the Instruction of Catechumens by R Robinson
Lessons to a Young Prince by an Old Statesman on the Present Disposition in Europe to a General Revolution the Seventh Edition Also a Lesson on the Mode of Studying and Profiting by Reflections on the French Revolution
Notes on the Two Reports from the Committee of the Honourable House of Assembly of Jamaica Appointed to Examine Into and to Report to the House the Allegations Presented to the British House of Commons on the Slave Trade
The Life and Prophecies of the Reverend MR Alexander Peden in Two Parts
La Secchia Rapita The Trophy-Bucket a Mock-Heroic Poem the First of the Kind by Signior Alessandro Tassoni Made English from the Original Italian by Mr Ozell
The Mourning Bride a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majestys Servants Written by Mr Congreve
A Narrative of the Captivity and Sufferings of Benjamin Gilbert and His Family Who Were Surprised by the Indians and Taken from Their Farms on the Frontiers of Pennsylvania in the Spring 1780
A Sermon Preached to the Societies for Reformation of Manners in the Cities of London and Westminster June 29 1702 by W Harris
The Fall in Four Books by Mr Thurston
The Merry Jester Containing Great Variety of Comical Jests Keen Waggeries Smart Repartees Polite Witticisms and Strokes of Humour by Robert Baker
The Cobler of Preston as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants Written by Mr Johnson the Third Edition
The Conduct of the Allies and of the Late Ministry in Beginning and Carrying on the Present War the Sixth Edition Corrected
The Complete Vintner Or the Delights of the Bottle with the Humours of Dinner Spungers and Other Tavern Tormenters a Merry Poem to Which Is Added a Song Extempore Over a Bowl of Punch by the Author of the Cavalcade
An Alarm to Unconverted Sinners by Joseph Alleine
The History of Little Grandison by M Berquin
The Distrest Mother a Tragedy by Ambrose Philips
The History of King Lear a Tragedy as It Is Now Acted at the Theatres Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden Revived with Alterations by N Tate Esq
The Childs Guide
The Secret History of the October-Club from Its Original to This Time by a Member Part II
A Treatise on the Nature and Virtues of Buxton Waters with a Preliminary Account of the External and Internal Use of Natural and Artificial Warm-Waters Among the Ancients by a Physician
A Particular Account of the Electrical Experiments Hitherto Made Publick with Variety of New Ones and Full Instructions for Performing Them To Which Is Annexd the Description of a Compleat Electrical Machine

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