Northeast uses great fourth quarter to fuel homecoming win | Sports

GOOSE LAKE — The Rebels came from behind to stun the Tigers on the 28-26 homecoming.

It was quite a game as the Rebels offense was able to wake up late in the fourth quarter and pick up a big win on return night.

“We have a group of guys and we came together at the end to do it,” senior quarterback Gavin Kramer said.

The Rebels opened things up big, scoring on the very first play of the match. Grant Gray got the sneaky kickoff return for the Rebels and he had a gap and didn’t miss it. He managed to cross the goal line and give Northeast an 8-0 lead just seven seconds into the game.

However, the Tigers were quick to react, moving the ball with ease. The rebels were unable to stop the Tigers’ offensive. Tigers quarterback Ian Spangler escaped for a 25-yard touchdown run to put them on the board.

The Rebels struggled to move the ball offensively. Quarterback Gavin Kramer rolled to his right on third down and was picked up by Caden Schmidt.

The turnover didn’t seem to hurt the rebels as their defense was able to step up. They forced a roll on the downs around the midfield mark.

The Tigers defense didn’t let go as they gave the Rebels everything they could handle. The Rebels went for it on fourth down but couldn’t get the correct yardage and they gave the ball back to Tipton.

The Tigers found their groove as they started to walk the field with their running game. Junior running back Landon Holub gave them the advantage by hitting him from two yards out. The Rebels blocked the extra point and the Tigers held a five-point lead, 13-8.

The Tigers collected the ball and continued to run the ball. Tackles were a problem for the Rebels throughout the first half and it continued late into the second quarter. Holub again found the end zone, this time on a four-yard run. Their two-point conversion was not good and it became a 19-8 game.

Before halftime, Kramer threw his second interception of the half on a deep drive. The Rebels entered Halftime 11.

After giving up a nine-yard gain to start the half, the Rebels defense went from strength to strength, forcing a turnaround on tries.

The offense also started to shake things up, converting a fourth down and one. Immediately after, the Rebels turned what looked like a broken play into a 12-yard gain. Sophomore Grant Gray rushed 14 yards for the touchdown. The Rebels converted the two-point conversion and were back in the game 19-16.

The Tigers responded right away, driving the ball and connecting on a 26-yard pass to Preston Daedlow. The Tigers extend their 26-16 lead.

Each team had to kick the ball in their next practice as neither attack could do much.

Once again, the Rebels couldn’t get their offense moving and they had to feed the ball to the Tigers to end the third quarter.

In their next practice, the Rebels were able to move the ball a bit in the air. 19-yard touchdown pass from Kramer to James Weispfenning. The two-point conversion was not good for the Rebels and they found themselves trailing 26-22 with 5:44 left in the fourth quarter.

A huge band tackle forced the Tiger runner to fumble and the Kramer Rebels won the ball back on their own 12-yard line.

Kramer is picked up by Caden Schmidt and the Tigers get the ball back with 3:12 to go. It’s his third interception of the game.

The Rebels got the ball again late in the fourth quarter and Kramer took advantage. He came out of the pocket for several big first downs. He sprinkled in a few assists and they ended up with a first and a goal of four.

Kramer threw it on the first play from the four-yard line and they took a 28-26 lead. They held on defensively and took the win 28-26.

“We just knew we had to do it. For some reason we let the teams stay in and we fight against each other. We met at the end. It’s homecoming and we can’t lose homecoming. said Kramer.