NH Business uses rapper Lil Jon to promote Christmas products

Part of me thinks it was absolutely unintentional and a total coincidence. Most of me hope that was a brilliant execution and that the message that is currently on the sign for Revived Furniture and Home Decor at 3 Rockingham Road in Londonderry, New Hampshire was 100% premeditated.

Regardless, it’s amazing.

Townsquare Media/Getty Images

Townsquare Media/Getty Images

Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz “Get Low”

In 2003, rapper Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz collaborated on a song called “Get Low”. In the chorus of the song, there is a line that repeats itself throughout the four and a half minutes several times:

At the window,

On the wall.

There are more lyrics after that, which I can’t write here without getting fired, but those are the only lyrics that matter in this story so far.

Whether Revived like it or not, they’ve borrowed a line from “Get Low” to promote the fact that they currently have their Christmas decor and product inventory for sale. And whether that’s intentional or not, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Town Square Media

Town Square Media

(It’s actually hilariously low-key if you read the panel to the tune of “Get Low.” Or maybe I just need some therapy.)

What is Revival?

If you like refurbished furniture or really furniture out of the box, Revived is definitely the type of place you would not only love, but thrive on walking around. , you can also get inspiration for some DIY projects.

For example, for some people, an old door with cracked paint may just be an old door with cracked paint. Period, end of history. They will throw it away and move on.

Town Square Media

Town Square Media

But for Richard Leiter, one of Revived’s co-founders (he founded the store with Carolyn Leiter in 2015 in Derry, New Hampshire), it’s an object he can breathe new life into as a tabletop. low.

There are renovated and recreated pieces like this all over the store, which consists of two floors and plenty of space with items that completely blow your mind with the creativity and vision that go into them.

And as their sign suggests, while their Christmas decor now dominates most of the floor, they still have generic fall items still available, even with some listed with discounted deals!

Town Square Media

Town Square Media

It’s true what they say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And that evidence decorates the hallways inside the windows and walls of Revived Furniture and Home Decor in Londonderry.

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