New tool uses AI to help shipping lines predict CII scores

A new tool to help shipping companies accurately predict Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) scores has been launched by Californiaartificial intelligence (AI) specialists Landing.

The launch of the tool precedes a January 1, 2023 requirement by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for shipowners to report ITCs on an annual basis. each vessel receiving a grade from A to E.

“The trade stakes are high. Vessels with better CII scores are expected to charge higher market rates, while those with lower scores will be forced to charge less,” the company says.

Bearing’s AI-powered app uses vast amounts of global maritime fleet data, rather than sensors on the ships themselves, to make predictions about fuel consumption, speed and other aspects ship performance.

These predictions can then help shipping companies increase their ratings and make more informed business decisions about the effects of regulation.

“Our goal is to help shipping companies make smarter, more data-driven strategic decisions,” said Bearing’s CEO. Dylan Keil.

“These companies know that the new CII regulations will affect their business, but they have no way to accurately assess its impact on a ship-by-ship basis. We do this, by combining our best AI models with data from With our CII Optimization product, shippers can see what we see and take action to reduce their environmental impact while improving their bottom line.

Interested parties can request a demo of the new app here: