New scam in town: Gang uses FASTag to trick Delhi residents with new credit cards

Delhi Criminal Police claimed to have busted a gang using FASTag to deceive people in the name of activating credit card services. Police said they arrested three men and seized luxury vehicles and other SUVs in the possession of the accused.

According to the police, the accused cheated people out of Rs 80 lakh in less than a month.

The case came to light as police investigated a murder case. Senior officers said one of the gang members lived with the accused murderer. The man, Mohd Zahid, 22, was arrested with a laptop, mobile phone, card reader and SIM cards. When questioned about his affairs, he could not give an answer.

After being arrested, Zahid told police he was part of a gang that deceived people under the guise of credit card activation and other services. He was put in charge of managing the fake accounts of kingpin Pawan Singh. He also revealed the name of his associate, Ravi Mittal, who would create FASTag wallets using the victim’s account details.

Crime Branch agents said the gang used FASTag wallets to siphon money from the victim’s accounts and divert it later. The men targeted customers of several banks and called them posing as officers.

Ravindra Singh Yadav, Special Commissioner of Police (Criminal Branch), said: “The gang approached people who recently bought new credit cards. Mittal would create FASTag wallets while the other gang members would take the victim’s personal account details under the guise of activating their credit card services or changing the card limit etc. Using personal details and OTPs, the accused linked the wallets to the bank account”.

Using FASTag wallets, they took money from the bank account. “To withdraw the money from the e-wallet, they linked up with some gas pump operators to cash out the defrauded amount using a swipe machine,” Yadav said.

The team raided and arrested center Singh and his associate Mittal.

Police said Zahid managed the fake accounts to receive the money while Mittal created the wallets and withdrew money from swipe machines at gas pumps in Haryana and Chandigarh. “Mittal received money from these gas stations and transferred the amount to each of the members involved,” Yadav added.

During interrogation, Zahid revealed that he worked as a travel agent and learned about designing websites and other online applications. He met Singh, the gang leader, and started helping him by providing fake accounts to help him in his criminal activities.

Singh, who worked for telecommunications and insurance companies, met someone involved in stealing cardholder data. He too started stealing data and contacted Zahid and other people he knew to help run the gang. Mittal also worked with telecommunications companies and came into contact with Singh.

“They used FASTags because they said it was easy to put money in and take it out using banking services,” police said.