Microsoft’s Startup Founder Platform will offer $300,000 in benefits and credits

To strengthen startup vision and fuel innovation to drive economic and societal progress for India and beyond, tech giant Microsoft has announced a Startup Founder Hub in India. Calling a new digital and truly inclusive platform for start-up founders in India, the hub offers over $300,000 in benefits and credits, giving start-ups free access to technology, tools and the resources they need to start and run their business. .

Beyond access to technology, Microsoft says the Hub will empower entrepreneurs to innovate and grow by connecting them with mentors who will provide industry, business and technical support to guide them through their next business steps.

Microsoft also partners with innovative companies like OpenAI, a global leader in AI research and deployment, to offer startups exclusive perks and discounts. Additionally, founders will have access to Microsoft Learn for tailored startup-focused training and a variety of startup and unicorn programs to help them connect with customers or industry veterans. and accelerate their growth.

“Disruptive innovation in Indian start-ups is accelerating India’s position to become one of the world’s leading start-up hubs. As a trusted partner, we want to empower every start-up in India to help grow their idea to become a unicorn and beyond. As a platform company, our cloud services and solutions are designed to allow founders to focus on what they do best: innovate at their own pace. Our goal is to provide start-ups with access to resources that will fuel their innovation, connect them with customers, and an ecosystem of developers, partners and investors to help them scale in India and beyond,” said Sangeeta Bavi, Director – Startup Ecosystem, Microsoft India.

As the third largest ecosystem for start-ups in the world, India offers huge opportunities for emerging companies across all sectors. And this initiative is designed specifically for early-stage startups to reduce barriers to business creation, be a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation, and help facilitate the transition from idea to business. unicorn. It is available for all start-ups in India, including those without third-party validation or funding.

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