Marauders Fuel Bottles – How To Get & Crafting Uses

Fuel bottles are a valuable craft item in Maraudersused to craft more powerful ships such as the nimble Scout Frigate to the intimidating Capital Frigate, the largest ship class in Marauders. You’ll want to stay stocked with this material so you can craft higher quality ships more consistently, improving your chances of surviving the journey to and from the Raid location with your precious cargo in tow. Luckily, we have a guide for you on how to get Fuel Bottles and all of its uses currently in Marauders.

Maximum stack – 3
Value – $123
Scrap – None

How to Get Marauders Fuel

Fuel can be acquired from one primary source:

Containers in Raids
Fuel Bottles are a rare item found in Raids. Loot lots of containers and bodies and you’ll quickly come across a few fuel bottles. Fuel can be found in any type of container, from a simple cardboard box to a military-style crate; make sure you don’t overlook the common boxes.

If you’re specifically looking for fuel, you’ll want to bring a bag to increase your inventory space, as a stack of fuel bottles will take up two inventory spaces, although each stack can hold three fuel bottles.

Scrapping Items Using the Crafting System
Unfortunately, Fuel Bottles cannot be acquired by deconstructing items, unlike Synthetic Scrap, for example.

What are fuel bottles used for?

Fuel Bottles are only used as a crafting component in Marauders and are used in some of the most expensive items in the game – upgraded ships. While you still have access to a trusty Rustbucket, those looking for more firepower and protection when traveling to and from a Raid may want to invest in some upgraded ships. In this case, you will need Fuel, and a lot of it since the number of materials needed, including Fuel, increases with the quality of the ship; Scout Frigate is cheap compared to Capital Frigate.

It is possible that more craftable items will require fuel as a component in the future, as new recipes will be added to Marauders overtime.

Fuel Bottles are used in the following crafting recipes:

Article Level or
Contract required.
skill point
Unlock cost
Unlock cost in $ Crafting recipe Manufacturing time
Scout Frigate 5 1 $15,720 2 sheets, 1 fuel bottle, 1 synthetic scrap, 2 cables 2:05
Interceptor Frigate 14 seven $52,500 3 Sheet Metal, 3 Scrap, 1 Tool Kit, 1 Fuel Bottle, 3 Synthetic Scrap, 1 Heavy Wire 2:20
heavy frigate 18 8 $82,750
Capital Frigate Contract N / A N / A

This guide will be updated as more items are discovered.

While the effectiveness of these upgraded ships is certainly up for debate, especially for those playing solo and investing in a ship, a much riskier prospect, getting fuel now could save you a lot of hassle if they’re never upgraded or if you feel like scrolling through your new firepower for fun. You will no doubt be intimidating to travel to the raid location in a capital frigate armed to the teeth.

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