‘Mandalorian’ fan uses AI to predict what Grogu might look like as an adult

photo via StarWars.com

Since George Lucas designed star wars, the various creative teams behind the various films and series have imagined strange and repulsive creatures to populate its galaxy far, far away. And yet, it took a computer to create the most hellish and baffling creatures in franchise history, as a member of the popular internet message board Reddit used an artificial intelligence art program called Open AI Dall- E to speculate on what The Mandalorianit is Grogucolloquially known as “Baby Yoda”, would resemble an adult wearing the armor of the mandalorian bounty hunt race:

screenshot via Reddit

Reaction to the collection of images has been strong and unanimous, with members of The Mandalorian TV subreddit legitimately horrified by the various Grogu-inspired abominations spawned by the AI ​​program:

While the fandom may not be ready to move from “Baby Yoda” to “gnarled adult nightgown Yoda” or “awkward teen Yoda,” there’s always room for a — no, not in this case. In this case, all of Grogu’s adult permutations are pure nightmare fuel:

And while the fandom may have disagreed on whether Mando and Grogu should have dominated the back half of Boba Fett’s Bookor if Reva Sevander was an asset or a deficit for Obi Wan Kenobithere’s one thing they can all agree on: we need to burn the adult abomination Grogu in a fire and forget he ever existed.