Letter: Goodell has no opinion on the benefits of electric buses | Letters

Assemblyman Andrew Goodell contorts to prove that the future of the Cummins Engine plant is the most important issue on a table cluttered with global warming, child health and state costs.

First, as the excellent editorial to which he responds points out: 1. We ignore global warming at our peril; 2. New York State requires all school buses to be electric by 2035.

Goodell offers a very specific analysis of how electric buses will increase global warming. I don’t buy it.

Yes, New York currently relies on out-of-state fossil fuels, but that is changing rapidly. According to the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, the state’s grid must be 70% renewable by 2030 and 100% emissions-free by 2040. This means electric buses run on clean energy .

People also read…

CNG is just a fossil fuel, and hydrogen takes a huge amount of energy to refine and requires platinum, which is mostly mined in South Africa.

The relative cost of using electric vehicles is falling dramatically as the price of oil soars and is expected to remain high. Electricity prices increased only slightly. In addition, there are the low maintenance costs of electric vehicles.

Fossil fuel emissions are not healthy for children, nor for adults either. Making school buses electric improves public health. Meanwhile, as The News editorial pointed out, the costs of global warming are astronomical.