Is Sam’s Club Membership Worth It? 5 benefits of being a member

Sam’s Club is a popular option when it comes to bulk purchases. However, many people wonder if a membership is worth it.

Well, it all depends on how you take advantage of membership benefits.

For example, if you buy a $45 annual membership, but only go to Sam’s Club every other week to buy a few items, it may be difficult to get your money back in savings.

Besides cheap hot dogs and slices of pizza, here are the top benefits of being a Sam member if you’re considering joining.

1. Savings when buying in bulk

Bulk purchases are the most obvious reason for getting a Sam’s Club membership.

Whether you own a business, like to be overprepared, or just hate shopping regularly, buying in bulk from a wholesaler will almost always save you money in the long run.

For example, Quest protein chips are about $2.78 a bag at Walmart of Target. For a bag of crisps, that’s quite high.

However, if you buy the six-pack of protein chips for $11 from Sam, you get them for a slightly more reasonable price of $1.83 each. Although still pricey, it’s a bargain for a specialty item that doesn’t have much competition from other brands.

For someone like me who goes through them regularly, the savings add up over time.

2. Fuel center

Another great perk when you become a Sam’s Club member is the Sam’s Fuel Center, because if you’re a member anyway, you can also save on gas.

Gas from Sam’s Club is said to cost about five cents less than other gas stations in the area. While that’s not enough to make a rush to sign up for a membership, it’s a nice perk to have if you’re going to be a member anyway.

3. Tire and Battery Center

After refueling, you can also get tires and batteries at a cheaper price with technicians available to install them for you.

Basically like Wal-Mart (because they’re owned by the same company), but intended to save you money in the process. You can view the full list of services and prices here.

With a full tank of gas and a tuned car, you’ll be ready for any road trip with a little extra cash in your pocket for snacks on the way.

4. Sam’s Club Gift cards

One perk that seems to go unnoticed is the fact that you can purchase some gift cards for less than face value at Sam’s.

For example, you can get $50 Krispy Kreme gift cards for $37.50 or a $100 Panera Bread gift card for $85. On average, you’ll save around 25% on these items.

These are not only good for bulk gifts, but they could also benefit you if you visit these places often.

5. Pharmacy and Eye care

According to Sam’s Club, here are the benefits of filling your prescriptions with their pharmacy:

  • Access to certain generics starting at just $4.
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts and savings at over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide.
  • Get 10 prescriptions FREE for select generics: amlodipine, donepezil, escitalopram, finasteride, lisinopril, metformin, montelukast, pioglitazone, sertraline and vitamin D2.

Basically, it’s just another way to save money if you’re already spending money on monthly medications.

Those who need prescription contact lenses or glasses can also find ways to save money through Sam’s Optical Center. This includes free purchase on frames and low prices on contacts.

However, pharmacy and optical services are exclusively reserved for Plus members. You can view the various benefits of membership in full here.