#Innovation: Jimma University Students Assemble Fuel Making Machine in Times of National and Global Shortage

Addis Ababa : Jimma Institute of Technology announced that graduating students in the Mechanical Engineering Class of 2022 produced a machine that used plastic inputs to produce fuel.

The fuel has been said to be made from recycled plastic which is heated and ultimately produces fuel through a process called pyrolysis. Further, stating that such an innovation would go a long way in alleviating the fuel shortages the country is facing.

In tests attempted to date, three kilos of plastic material have been able to deliver three liters of fuel, raising hopes for higher production levels in the future, according to the engineering students.

In an expanded view of its other benefits, environmental sustainability was one in which plastic that would otherwise pollute nature would be used for positive purposes.

The institute hinted that the product had been tested and proven applicable to generators, basic vehicles and simple household appliances.

The concerned students expressed their intention to work together with the manufacturer and the customer to improve the innovation potential and also thanked the university for supporting them. AS