How LSU uses social media to fuel recruiting enthusiasm

LSU’s social media presence has consistently been among the best in the country. From videos to graphics to the amount of tweets sent by coaches, the LSU brand carries significant weight on social media platforms, especially Twitter.

On Twitter, the coaching staff followed the head coach’s example Brian Kelly who quickly established the #BKTakeover within weeks of going into labor. With every engagement, Kelly tweets #BKTakeover, which isn’t uncommon from the head coach. However, the prospects have followed his lead and are using it to signify the start of a new era at LSU.

While the first few months of the Class of 2023 have been slow, Kelly’s staff quickly picked up the pace with eight commits in the first nine days of July, sending out tweets of all kinds. GIFs dominate every Coach’s timeline, expressing their excitement before or right after the engagement.

The coaches even have fun exchanges with each other as the class continues to grow.

LSU is now No. 8 in the nation for the Class of 2023.

Another key hashtag is #SetItOff23, once again marking the fact that this is the first full class for Kelly’s staff.

Most recently, LSU released a full-fledged recruiting video for all of its coaches. The 104-second video features some of the greatest Tigers of all time, including Ja’Marr Chase, Leonard Fournette, Odell Beckham, among others, all committed to LSU after high school. It’s a poignant reminder of LSU’s success, but also how the creative and social media teams can play an important role in helping LSU bring its brand to a group of kids who have had social media All their life.

Other schools do a good job of giving their coaches ammunition to fight in this social media landscape, but few can match LSU. From hashtags and fan interactions to videos and graphic designs, the Tigers’ work on Twitter and other platforms is a clear advantage over other schools.

Sure, these coaches were and are great recruiters without social media, but with the NIL era upon us and social media being the easiest way to track a player’s potential value, LSU understands that selling a player at a school goes much further. what happens during his visits. The player needs something to retweet on Twitter, something to post on his Instagram Story, or maybe he even wants to engage on IG Live like Jalen Brown.

It’s an ever-changing roadmap for coaches as they try to recruit under different circumstances seemingly every year, but LSU is, and will continue to be, one of the pillars of college athletics, no only because of their success, but because every play, highlight, and win are on calendars around the world.