Here’s how Jonathan Majors turned negativity into fuel for success

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In the next air war epic, Dedication, Emmy-nominated star Jonathan Majors stars as real-life hero Jesse Brown, the first black naval aviator and the greatest aviator in branch history.

Directed by JD Dillard, the film chronicles Brown’s valiant sacrifice to his country and his relationship with his comrades in arms. But it’s the inner relationship Brown has with himself that is perhaps the most powerful of all. In some of the film’s most powerful moments, Majors’ Brown recites a handful of racist slurs and hurtful words that people have piled on him throughout his life while looking in the mirror, before successfully continuing parts of it. of his mission.

Majors reveals that he knows all too well this act of turning the negative aspects of life into fuel for future success.

“I don’t know where to start. Other than being a young black boy growing up in America. That’s it, but there are other elements to it,” Majors explained to The root. “Being bullied at school, being called a ‘skinny kid’, ‘you can’t sing’, ‘you can’t play’, ‘big nose’. Big head, you can take it. But big nose? It hurts, it hurts. It’s little things like that, that are big things when you’re a kid. Getting beaten up. But I used it. [I] grew up without my father. You use these things. You remember them. And I remember them, every day.

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He continued: “These things haunt you and you can turn these ghosts into spirits. And these spirits can protect you, but it takes work. And on a bad day, a dark night on a Tuesday, they will come. And I won’t have nowhere to put them. But then you think about what you’re here to do and I’m off, ‘Ouh, it’s true. Despite this, I will make it happen.

Dedicationstarring Majors, Glen Powell, Christina Jackson and Joe Jonas hits theaters November 23.