Google uses Drake’s “Texts Go Green” track to troll Apple

“It would make texting safer too” ???

What a sick business. Apple should sue them for lying and making a big media circus out of it.

Oh, there’s no doubt in my mind that Google hasn’t always been 100% upfront (meaning dishonest) in some past instances. Every big company “eats” the facts IMO.
But they’re not lying that RCS is much more secure than SMS.

The fact that Apple chooses not to replace SMS in iMessage makes it clear that it refuses purely for competitive reasons, which ignores the security benefits of using RCS instead. Apple users would benefit. Apple themselves might not.

No need to be obtuse, we understand every business model of every company: Google uses technology as a vehicle to power its core business (advertising), Apple sells technology as a core product.

Google sells itself as “free and open” to those naïve enough in the tech industry to believe they are altruistic, when in reality any technology they come across that requires a license they will clone and will own it (i.e. make/buy their own copy that’s just different enough not to be sued) and release it for free, undermining the original company that made it. It happened with Sun/Oracle (Java), Font Foundries (free metric compatible clones of major fonts), MPEG-LA (VP8), and more.

Tech companies that like to get everything for free will applaud Google’s openness to the point where the technology they create will be undermined by them. Although most companies have just realized that they also need to be in the business of data collection and advertising because there is no way to compete with free. The devaluation of software as a product.

But yeah, let’s continue the story and hope that one day Apple will be forced to give away its technology for free and become another data collection/advertising company.