Fuel-saving tips: Motorists urged to use window hacking to save fuel in late summer

Drivers were asked to take a basic step to massively increase their fuel economy for the rest of September. As temperatures begin to slowly drop, drivers are encouraged to make the last effort and stop using the air conditioning.

The latest RAC Fuel Watch shows motorists will have to pay 168.36p per liter of unleaded and 183.19p per liter of diesel on average.

With both prices remaining quite high, many drivers will still be looking for ways to increase their fuel economy and lower their gas and diesel costs.

One of the main tips drivers should pay attention to is to ditch the air conditioning.

The use of air conditioning can represent up to 10% of the overall economy of the vehicle.

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Dorry Potter, car and scrap expert for National Scrap Car, talked about a nifty hack that stops the air conditioning from draining too much fuel.

She said it was important to remove hot air from the car before using the air conditioning.

Ms Potter added: ‘Overheating while driving can lead to poor concentration and even cause some to pass out if there is too much of it. That’s why it’s important to use your air conditioning while driving.

The expert added: “You can make it more efficient by helping your car expel hot air before you start it.

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Ms Potter continued: ‘Parking in a shaded area, as opposed to somewhere in the sun, will help the inside of the car stay cooler.

“Buy a reflective windshield, these fit behind your sun visors and prevent the sun from setting on the car and heating up the interior.

“These actions will help the air inside the car feel cooler, meaning less effort will be needed to cool the interior with the air conditioning, which will save fuel.

“If you have a dark colored interior like black seats, it is also advisable to purchase light colored car seat covers or cooling mats for your seats.”