Fuel economy: using air conditioning and opening windows could reduce efficiency by 20%

Motorists have been urged to use alternative methods to stay cool this Easter weekend as the spring weather has finally arrived. Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at Confused.com, said: “Making changes to the way we drive can help the fuel last in our tanks a little longer, which could ultimately save you money. on high gasoline and diesel costs.

“When you check your fuel level at home, also check your tire pressure, as this can impact how much fuel your car uses.

“And when you’re driving, reduce your acceleration, stop idling by turning off your car. If you’re stationary and you open the windows when it’s hot rather than turning up the air conditioning which uses fuel.

When driving at 45 mph, many variables can affect the amount of fuel used, including weather, car weight, and driving style.

If a driver drives at this speed and uses the air conditioning, it can increase fuel consumption by around 10%.

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“Our research has revealed that more than half of the drivers going on a trip this weekend will be on the roads on Saturday, so it’s expected to be very crowded.

“To avoid traffic jams, planning trips in advance and considering alternative routes that aren’t as popular will hopefully mean you’ll see less traffic.

“We also found that one in two motorists said they would check their fuel level before any other car checks before setting off, so clearly fuel is still an issue as prices remain very high. “

He continued: “But when we have to refuel, there is no avoiding it.

“Knowing where your cheapest options for buying fuel are can be confusing, so it’s definitely worth checking before you go this weekend so you don’t get stuck with the most expensive place.

“Our gas price finder allows you to look up approximate prices in your area to help you choose the cheapest from the most expensive pumps.

“Staying with these could help save you money in the long run until we start to see fuel costs start to stabilize.”

Drivers looking to travel this weekend could benefit from balancing the use of air conditioning with having the windows open, allowing them to travel more and stop to use less fuel.