Fighting at Ukrainian nuclear power plant highlights risks of US export policies

“And when it comes to climate change, you don’t have 2 million solutions, you only have a few and the fact is that already now, as we speak, nuclear energy provides 25% , more or less, clean energy that’s produced all over the world,” Grossi said. “We think nuclear has a place on the table…it can provide a safe and clean energy source and this is why many countries in Africa and elsewhere are turning to nuclear energy.”

Among the countries in various states pursuing atomic energy programs, some with direct US support, are the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Rwanda, Nigeria and Bangladesh.

Containment domes

Some lawmakers have expressed interest in addressing the issue.

The office of Sen. Edward J. MarkeyD-Mass., who has a long legislative history of being concerned about the dangers of nuclear weapons, said he had submitted an amendment to this year’s annual defense policy bill that would require the Pentagon to do report on the dangers to reactors and atomic energy plants in areas that have recently experienced military fighting, such as Zaporizhzhia, or are likely to do so in the future,

“We must learn from what is happening in Ukraine. It is a serious situation. Although people have been thinking for many years about how to protect nuclear power plants from attack in the context of a conflict, I think what was so surprising in this case is that it is just hard to believe that just a few years ago Ukraine could face a situation like this,” said Ross Matzkin-Bridger, a former senior Department of Energy official who specializes in conservation. weapons-sensitive nuclear material.