Benefits of reselling – Santa Clarita Magazine

Some call it used, resale or thrift. Whatever you call it, there are plenty of reasons to buy used. Some benefit you and your family. Some benefit your community and the world. Did you know that it takes hundreds of gallons of water to create a single cotton shirt or pair of jeans or that it takes over 10 years for most clothes thrown in the landfill to decompose? Extend the life cycle of clothes you no longer love or love by donating or passing them on. Plus, you help divert over 700 million pounds of used goods from landfills each year. Buying second-hand also provides a stable source of income for local charities, like the Assistance League Santa Clarita®, which in turn helps fund their philanthropic programs in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Choosing in-store resale can also make a huge difference to your wallet. You can save 70-90% off the original sale price on gently used clothing, accessories and household items. You can sometimes find items that are new, with tags. Maybe the original buyer bought the item but didn’t really like it, so it sat in their closet until they decided to give it away, and then it’s your chance to own it at a very advantageous price. Do you have designer brand taste, but not a designer brand budget? You can often find these popular brands at the resale store for much less than the original cost. If you usually wear jeans and a t-shirt, but need to dress up for a wedding or special event, the resale store is the perfect place to find something suitable for a festive or formal occasion. When the event is over, you can even give the outfit back or pass it on to someone else who needs it. In these tough times with rising fuel and food costs, you can stretch your budget while adding to your wardrobe, find something for your home or a good book to read by the water.
Do your part… shop smart!