Benefits of clean fuels highlighted in letter to administration

Last week, Clean Fuels Alliance America wrote a letter to President Joe Biden and other administration officials highlighting the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry’s contribution to job growth in the fuel sector. clean energy and asking them to support fiscal policy that encourages the continued growth of the industry.

“The clean fuels industry has increased production in 2021, making a critical contribution to the nation’s fuel supply. Our industry plans to continue to increase production this year,” the letter reads. “National biodiesel production low-carbon, renewable diesel engine provides well-paying jobs, adds value to American farmers, lowers prices at the pump by expanding energy supply, and reduces carbon emissions by an average of 74% compared to diesel tanker.”

The recent 2022 U.S. Energy and Jobs Report shows the clean fuel industry added jobs in 2021 at a rate of 6.7% and projects continued job growth of 5. 8% in manufacturing in 2022. In addition, a recent study by the World Agricultural Economic and Environmental Service showing that US production of biodiesel and renewable diesel generated a 4% drop in the price of diesel fuel in 2021, a savings of $0.22 per gallon at current fuel prices.

Read the letter.