Alternative uses with a leaf blower

Try these alternative uses of a leaf blower to get the most out of this handy tool.

So you think all you can do with a leaf blower is blow around the leaves? Think again. Turns out, leaf blowers are so much more than their name suggests. Husqvarna South Africa shares three alternative uses for leaf blowers that you’ve probably never tried before.

    • Control the fire: Fires are a very real threat to farms or smallholdings, especially during the winter months when it’s so dry, making scorching firebreaks an annual necessity to keep their properties safe. Having your leaf blower on hand during this process is a good idea, as it’s the perfect tool to help put out fires by back-burning (by blowing the fire onto itself) or directing controlled combustion. (in the case of firewalls). This will help prevent a fire from raging which can not only damage your own property, but could spread to neighbors and potentially cause significant damage for which you can be held liable. Try the Husqvarna 578BTF which not only has a heat-resistant nozzle, but also protected fuel lines and a filtration system that prevents soot and dust from entering the engine.
    • Hello clean the gutters: The rainy season is approaching, so it’s time to clean up all the leaves and debris accumulating in the gutters. Simply blow away all the mess and enjoy perfectly clean gutters with minimal effort.
    • Clean up quickly: Take the hassle out of cleaning your lawn mower, trimmer, or even your vacuum’s filter by simply blowing away all the muck with your leaf blower. If you enjoy woodworking or DIY in the workshop, use your leaf blower to blow away all the wood chips and fine sawdust to keep your work area clean and dust free.
    • Wire: If you need to send a wire through a tight spot or a pipe, try tying the wire to a folded up rag or piece of sponge, and use your leaf blower to blow the wire through.
    • Instant drying: Instead of using a chamois or letting your car air dry (which can cause ugly streaks), simply turn on your leaf blower for a perfectly dry, streak-free car in minutes. You can use this same technique on outdoor furniture when you wash it, or if it got wet from the rain, a few minutes of blowing and your seats will dry out.

CURIOSITY: Did you know that leaf blowers are used to cool a rhino during the dehorning process?

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