AlphaPhen Weight Loss Supplement Review: Is Alpha Phen Effective Or Not?

According to experts, there are various explanations why you don’t melt fat despite restrictive diets, exercises, and other fat-burning solutions. Unstable hormones, genetics, and poor metabolism cause fat to build and inhibit weight loss. Recent studies indicate that brown adipose tissue (BAT) levels can influence your system’s natural ability to lose weight. Experts warn that it is difficult to lose weight if the central fat burning system is faulty.

AlphaPhen is a new weight loss supplement claiming to support weight loss. What are the ingredients in AlphaPhen Activated Weight Loss Formula? Are diet pills safe? Keep reading this review to find out if the AlphaPhen dietary supplement is worth the price.

What is AlphaPhen?

Health and nutrition experts have proven that low levels of brown adipose fat can hinder weight loss. Alpha Phen contains powerful polyphenols and fruit extracts to promote fat loss. The creator describes it as a “thermogenic” weight loss diet featuring 12 fat loss ingredients to increase fat oxidation, lipolysis and thermogenesis.

All Alpha Phen the ingredients are scientifically proven to burn fat by increasing brown fat levels, suppressing appetite and increasing calorie expenditure. In short, the dietary supplement conditions your system to burn fat for fuel, boost energy levels, and boost focus without any side effects.

How does AlphaPhen work?

AlphaPhen is a blend of 12 bioactive polyphenols and fruit extracts. All components are backed by scientific research to support weight loss. AlphaPhen works by boosting metabolic functions, thereby melting fat.

Additionally, the product contains anti-obesity phytonutrients that increase satiety, fight cravings, and prevent overeating. Strict diets fail to address food cravings, making it impossible to lose weight. AlphaPhen also reduces fat digestibility and the formation of new fats and promotes lean muscle growth.

AlphaPhen Features

  • AlphaPhen is available through the official site without prescription
  • AlphaPhen makers claim to use pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • It does not contain any artificial stimulants, additives and harmful toxins.
  • AlphaPhen pills are easy to swallow.
  • A 180-day money-back guarantee protects AlphaPhen purchases.

AlphaPhen Ingredients

Psyllium husk (Plantago ovata)

It is a form of fiber that may benefit digestive, heart, and pancreatic health. The manufacturer of AlphaPhen claims that it promotes better bowel movement and can manage various bowel issues like constipation. Plus, it helps improve gut microbiota, making it easy for your system to fight off unhealthy infections and inflammation and maintain cellular health.

Psyllium supports cardiovascular health by lower unhealthy triglyceride levels. It also makes users feel full, preventing overeating and maintaining a healthy calorie deficit.

Seeds of Paradise Seeds

The makers of AlphaPhen claim that Grains of Paradise can boost metabolic functions and increase energy levels. It helps your system burn fat instead of relying on carbs, which keeps your energy levels high for long periods of time.

Grains of Paradise can activate brown adipose tissue, which slows weight loss. Plus, it can help reduce fat deposits in problem areas like the thighs, visceral fat, arms, and waist.

citrus fruits

AlphaPhen contains citrus extracts as they are rich in antioxidants. Bioflavonoids can supposedly reduce adiposity, improve lipolysis and increase energy levels. Citrus fruits also promote fat loss by inducing thermogenesis and preventing the formation of fat cells.

White bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Phaseolus vulgaris is scientifically proven to thwart starch digestion. It can help reduce abdominal fat and accelerate thermogenesis. Navy beans can also reduce hunger and help users achieve a healthy calorie deficit.


AlphaPhen claims that this amino acid can burn fat for energy. Acetyl-carnitine can reduce visceral fat and other stubborn fats by accelerating lipolysis. It can also increase cellular energy and fight chronic fatigue..

coleus forskolin

Coleus Forskolin increases metabolic rates and improves cellular energy. It helps break down stored fats all the time instead of carbohydrates. Several studies indicate that it can improve cognitive functions such as memory recall, clarity and concentration.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)

CLA can reduce peripheral body fat by accelerating metabolism and cellular energy production. Conjugated linoleic acid also promotes heart health by decreasing cholesterol levels and fatty deposits around blood vessels. CLA may also enhance lean body mass growth.

Panax Ginseng Root

Panax ginseng is clinically proven to convert stored fat into energy. It can reduce fat accumulation and accelerate lipolysis. It can also inhibit angiogenesis and improve metabolic rates.

brindle bay

Brindle berry promotes weight loss by promoting digestion and absorption processes, thereby inhibiting fat formation. Brindle berries can remove toxins, making it easier to eliminate them from the back. It also promotes healthy cholesterol levels and improves cardiovascular functions..

Green coffee bean extract

Green coffee beans can improve the formation of glucose and lipids. It is rich in antioxidants which boost your immunity and reduce unhealthy inflammation. Green coffee can curb the appetite and prevent overeating.

Green tea extract

Camellia Sinensis is a popular fat-burning compound that reduces the formation of fat cells and improves fat oxidation. Green tea speeds up metabolic rates and boosts cellular energy.

Black pepper extract

It helps the body absorb phytonutrients and induces thermogenesis. Black pepper also boosts the immune system by increasing antioxidants.

AlphaPhen Dosage

The manufacturer of AlphaPhen recommends consuming one pill after breakfast and another in the evening before bedtime. The creator states that most people see results after a few weeks. Still, it is best to use AlphaPhen for 90-180 days for best results.

All AlphaPhen ingredients are claimed to be safe and natural and tested by an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory to ensure purity. The company also shares CoA details as proof that this formula is tested and negative for TPC/TVAC, yeast, mold, coliforms, S. aureus, E. coli and Salmonella spp.

AlphaPhen Pricing


AlphaPhen is available only on the official website. The creator offers a 180-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

  • One Alpha Phen® bottle: $59.00 each
  • Three bottles of Alpha Phen®: $49.00 each
  • Six bottles of Alpha Phen®: $39.00 each

If you buy more than three bottles, AlphaPhen offers three free bonuses, including:

  1. wellness manual – contains motivational information to improve your mental, physical and spiritual health.
  2. Boost your body – This is an educational guide that includes tips for boosting immunity and adopting healthy lifestyles.
  3. Secret kitchen: healthy recipes – It has several recipes to help you prepare healthy meals.

The company offers a 180-day money-back guarantee on all purchases, and customers can reach them at:

Last word

AlphaPhen is a weight loss supplement and a fat loss supplement; the formula activates brown adipose tissue and accelerates fat oxidation. The manufacturer claims that its ingredients control glucose levels and further inhibit fat cell storage. It also increases cellular energy, thus fighting fatigue that triggers food cravings. AlphaPhen is only available on the official website! >>>


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