Air Company uses advanced carbon technology to turn air into vodka

Putting an engaging and impactful mission at the forefront of its business, Air Company offers one of the best ways to fight climate change: vodka. Specifically, vodka is made primarily from the carbon dioxide-filled air around us, which has only skyrocketed over the past few decades to its extreme.

It’s the basis of Air Company’s mission to harness CO2 to deliver some of the most exciting products, like hand sanitizer, perfume, and the aforementioned vodka. The company just received $30 million in Series A funding on Tuesday, April 19, with the goal of only bolstering its position in proprietary carbon technology.

Air Company sees itself as the world leader in carbon-based technology, deriving some of the most innovative products using only the air around us. Conceived in 2019, the brand has come out strong with its own rather interesting drink called Air Vodka, which hasn’t taken the world by storm any sooner.

But, Air Company had to switch to disinfection as the pandemic hit casually in 2020. Creating a hand sanitizer was actually quite an easy task with his already existing knowledge in alcohol designs made from carbon dioxide.

“During the pandemic, we brought a sanitizing product to market – a hand sanitizer that we donated to New York and the United States. The funding that we provided is really to help evolve these products to meet demand because we are constantly selling all of the products that we produce,” says Air Company co-founder and CEO Gregory Constantine. “We also want to start our transition into industrial sectors, so that we can really have a massive impact of scale.”

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Air Company uses state-of-the-art in-house machinery that blends solar energy, water and carbon dioxide into pure ethanol. It has its own facilities, two of which are its main functional distributors, with a third on the way that will increase production of its Air vodka, sustainable fuels and CO2 ethanol via the largest carbon capture system to date in the world. ‘business.

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CTO and co-founder Dr. Stafford Sheehan is working to halt the rising tide of climate change as much as possible through increased production and streamlined product pathways. He further details:

“Our immediate goal at Air Company is to improve and advance our technology that converts carbon dioxide into the cleanest, low-carbon alcohols for consumer products, on the way to industrial applications. account, we aim to have a real impact on the fight against climate change change by using waste and atmospheric carbon dioxide to displace fossil fuels on a large scale; replace the carbon we currently extract from the ground with carbon extracted from the air. ”

Air Company has already partnered with companies like NASA to produce alternative fuels applicable to rocket propulsion using alcohol-based sugars and proteins. It competes to change a total of 10.8% of global carbon dioxide emissions to a potential annual volume of around 4.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Led by Carbon Direct Capital Management, Air Company’s latest funding round brings the brand’s total investment to more than $40 million. Various investors who also participated include JetBlue Technology Ventures, Parley for the Oceans and Toyota Ventures.

Constantine adds, “If we can help protect our planet through the advancement of technology and innovation, then we are doing our job.

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