A nuclear reactor uses molten salt to operate

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A nuclear reactor using molten salt has been created by the MoltexFLEX team in Warrington. According to MoltexFLEX, the FLEX reactor is aesthetically and functionally simple because it contains no moving components. By 2029, they hope the first reactor will be operational.

Moltex boasted that the reactor can adapt to variations in power demand by quickly resuming full power or immediately going into standby mode; a 500 MW power station could also be built in just one year.

“The FLEX reactor is aesthetically and functionally simple because it contains no moving parts. By 2029, they hope to have the first reactor operational.”

MoltexFLEX President and CEO David Landon commented, “We recognized the need for an energy supply that can support renewables when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. With the FLEX reactor, we have a solution for consumers and countries. »

The cost of electricity produced by the FLEX reactor will be just £40 per megawatt hour, the closest equivalent to wind power. The nuclear device has a patented technology with two molten salts, one used as coolant and the other as fuel. This innovation eliminates the need for pumps by removing all heat from the reactor by convection.

The design of the FLEX reactor means that it does not need traditional steel and concrete infrastructure, which significantly reduces the expenses associated with its operation and maintenance. Once operational, it can operate with the same expertise and machinery used in a fossil fuel plant, operating for 6 decades and shutting down for only 2 brief periods to allow refueling.

David Landon continued, “The FLEX reactor provides the safety net of affordable home power, yet is versatile enough for applications ranging from decarbonizing heavy industry to powering cargo ships.

The reactor’s 750°C heat output could potentially be used to create hydrogen more efficiently and desalinate water. A single reactor has the capacity to supply electricity to 40,000 homes.

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