7 Vaseline Uses You Might Not Have Thought About!

7 Vaseline Uses You Might Not Have Thought About! – News from Kemi Filani


Robert Chesebrough made his fortune when he developed Vaseline as an emollient in 1865. However, Vaseline’s usefulness goes beyond preventing dryness. Vaseline’s thick consistency suggests it could be an ideal lubricant, and it’s now used as a firm substrate for mixing other skincare ingredients.

Vaseline has recently become a standard in the skincare and beauty industries. Vaseline is often the first choice for people with sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic, which means it has a low risk of triggering an allergic reaction. As we’ll see in a moment, many beauticians and beauty artists include petroleum jelly in their cosmetic kits.

Here are some uses of Vaseline applications to consider:

  1. To make a DIY body scrub, use Vaseline as a base for a mixture of coffee and sugar or any other exfoliating ingredient. The lubricating action of Vaseline reduces harsh abrasion and protects you from chafing injuries and redness or pain after cleaning. Vaseline scrubs can be stored in a container.
  2. Tame your hair and eyebrows- Smoothing your brows with petroleum jelly is one approach to taming and prepping a bushy brow for makeup. Vaseline also makes your eyebrows thicker. The same technique can be used for hair care. You can use petroleum jelly to tame flyaways and reduce split ends. Plus, it keeps your hair healthy and hydrated in dry conditions.
  3. Relieve diaper rash- Applying petroleum jelly with every diaper change will help relieve an ongoing incident of rash. The rash should disappear after four days. Using petroleum jelly also keeps your baby warm and comfortable all day. Avoid using a heavy hand; it can cause discomfort.
  4. Change up your makeup routine- Vaseline is the answer to an empty makeup bag! You can turn your powder blush into a cream blush with petroleum jelly for a warmer look, instantly expanding your restricted makeup products. Vaseline can also be used to make lip gloss and a waxy lip stain when combined with the right color. Apply a dab of Vaseline to your cheeks for a flash of color!
  5. Remove eye make-up The thick and moisturizing texture of Vaseline makes it an excellent make-up remover. Intense makeup removers can hurt the eyes if used too close. On the other hand, Vaseline is safe enough to be applied to the waterline, where it seeps into and breaks down dried eye products. Wiping off makeup is a breeze.
  6. Wearing jewelry can cause ear and nose irritation. People with sensitive skin notice minor rashes and irritation when wearing jewelry, and dry skin is considered to aggravate the problem. Vaseline reduces irritation since it is a natural non-irritant, and its emollient activity lubricates the ear holes so that your jewelry slips through them without pain.
  7. Soothe brittle nails- If you get your nails buffed every other day, you may find that your natural nails are brittle. Apply a small amount of Vaseline to damp hands to rehydrate them and protect your nails from chipping.

Vaseline promotes skin restoration and helps maintain the integrity of the skin barrier. Vaseline can be used to promote healing and prevent skin tears.

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