4 tips to save on fuel as gas prices rise

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Gasoline prices have risen sharply, leaving many families struggling with their budgets as they spend more to fill up their vehicles. The good news is that you don’t have to resign yourself to exceeding your spending limits just because prices are higher at the pump. There are ways to save on fuel costs, even in these difficult times.

So how can you spend less on refueling your vehicle? Here are four tips that might help.

1. Drive the speed limit

Did you know that when you accelerate, you actually decrease your vehicle’s fuel consumption and increase the amount of fuel you can use. Air resistance and rolling resistance of the tire both explain this phenomenon. The reality is that gas mileage tends to drop rapidly once you go over 50 MPH, so the faster you go, the more fuel you’ll use.

Due to this phenomenon, you should aim to meet the speed limit rather than trying to get places a little faster. Not only will this help you reduce your gas costs, but you can also avoid the added expense of a speeding ticket.

2. Consolidate your journeys

It takes time for your engine to reach the most fuel-efficient temperature, so one longer trip is better than several shorter trips. If you can group your trips together so that you visit several places close to each other simultaneously, you can also avoid wasting gas unnecessarily by retracing your tracks on different days.

To shore up travel, think about everything you’ll need for the upcoming week or even month ahead. Make a plan to do a bunch of errands that you have to complete all at once to cut down on unnecessary driving. It can also make you more productive and give you more free time for other activities.

3. Reduce the weight of your vehicle

If you drive with a lot of stuff in your car, it adds weight to it and forces you to use more fuel to propel it forward. As a result, now is the perfect time to finally clean up your car and get rid of any unnecessary clutter. If you tend to haul cargo on your roof, you may want to consider other options as well, as this can significantly increase drag, reducing fuel economy.

4. Use a credit card that offers cash back on gas

Finally, if you can take advantage of a credit card that gives you bonus rewards for gas purchases, that will also have the effect of lowering gas prices. If you get 5% cash back on gas, for example, that would effectively reduce your fuel costs by up to 5%. If you don’t currently have a card that offers bonus fuel rewards, there’s never been a better time to get one.

By following any or all of these four tips, we hope you can reduce the amount of your budget you spend on gas, so you can save more or spend your hard-earned cash on other things. that bring you joy.

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